Dr.evil's hidden laboratory!


in bovida pks which rh% do i need refresh my mem. @dbrn32
@Screwauger said the 8gm best but not sure on rh


I think 62% is most popular. But you just reminded me, I swear I seen a 59% somewhere and I wanted to see if I could find them. They may be a good option too, just didn’t remember them being available last time I was looking.


Looking fir a link
@BIGE 58%or 62% no higher than 62%


tks, guys i’m going to handle this today!


Maybe it was 58 not 59. Thanks cb!


Here you go guys


waiting for seeds is painful even if you are currently growing!!lol
i’m a patient person but when it comes to MMJ seeds it is like i lose my mind! lol
boveda packs on the way!


So much happened this week I totally spaced on your journal @BIGE

As stated previously you’re killing it Brother. Got it going on in all arenas!! Must get me some of this GSC you long for!!!


Rolled a nice blunt at my step daughter ‘s place. She is working but her boyfriend and my gf are painting a stairwell. I am eating donuts playing DJ and getting baked. I’m the “gofer.”

My pseudo son in law took two puffs off my blunt and he’s all done. Walking in circles, talking tales and asking me if I want a beer. He’s had a sanding block in his hand for 20 minutes but each time he starts sanding it’s on a different piece of molding/trim. LMAO. this ain’t your goth friends herb!!


That’s funny @Screwauger I like to see the reaction when I smoke mine with someone the first time! :grin: seeing I’m so used to smoking it it’s nice to be reminded how strong it is… good looking dog he your stoner partner today? I love dogs we have 2 and I’m going to take this opportunity to show them off also…lol


Welcome to the big leagues son in law, lol too funny! Nice looking pups there @Screwauger and @WillyJ


Nice pooches @WillyJ.

Jack came from a kill shelter in Georgia he’s their dog. He’s very strong can leap like a cat and is just a good boy!!

Haha I offered him another hit and he declined. Lol. We chuckled and I told him there is a powerful appetite stimulus to it. He said okay that explains why I want to order a pizza LOL


Apologies @BIGE I didn’t realize I was in your journal when I veered off topic.


Bella is the little one she’s a rescue from Puerto Rico and the big one is Brownie… I call him Browns… I purchased him as I wanted his certain breed…he hates smoke will not stay in same area if he hears the lighter lol they’re best friends it’s funny watching them play…Sorry @BIGE back to business


That can happen when impaired :wink:


it is all good


amnesia haze

Understanding “Fox-tailing”



100% germ!
ready to go!


Woot @BIGE! Looking real good :sunglasses: it’s always a relief when they all germ that’s where all my anxiety is at :yum: