Dr.evil's hidden laboratory!


I think you can order them online nowadays @BIGE
Just saying a google search will tell lol
I think I remember hearing a report on it not to long ago


i prefer the plant first @Countryboyjvd1971 then a sleeve of shortbread cookies for me!!!


mailing in a thank you card to my favorite seed bank this morning!
10 skywalker+5gold leaf i’m ready for a change!


Woohoo nice seed order bro
And you got the cookie thing work out to perfer the thin mints my self hahaha


Thin mints are my vice! I can’t say no to those girls outside the grocery store!!! Great stoner snacks lol


i’m putting a cookie store by every mmj store in AR @MattyBear


Ool, but that’s genius right there!


food trailer or something!!lol


Hey when I ran my own framing company we used to get these spanish women would come serve lunch out of their trunks. Food was delish


Making shortbread cookies from the GSC plant… now that is a good time. @BIGE


i broke down and ordered some today @Covertgrower
had to cross union lines but it is in the works…fast buds autos GSC
I grew one of these before and she did really well!


I’m super excited for you @BIGE you’d better tag me. Lol I hope you make cookies too.


Trade you a couple sd for a couple Skywalker that’s a strain that’s caught my eye…that and LA confidential and a few others…Ok there’s more than a few others lol @BIGE


done deal! i’ll let you know when the eggs hatch…lol
screw knows the secret knock,shoot me a letter…lol
i’ll tell you the rest of the story…lol


Will do I’ll give him a shout! @BIGE


always one foot over the line!!!


i have not seen an amazon box in a few days…
i believe i’m going through DT’s
i need a fix…:thinking: maybe curing tools?


What kind of shape are your trimming shears in? It looks like they’re gonna be getting a workout before too long.


the husky is gassed up and ready!


Hahaha, about what you’re going to need!