Dr.evil's hidden laboratory!


I’m just getting over exactly what you have. It’s stuck around over a week now. Hope you feel better soon!


I hope your feeling alright my friend.

I’ve been sick for the past two weeks with last Friday hitting a 103 F fever. Blah.

Everything is looking outstanding my friend!!!:slightly_smiling_face::+1:




Dude you are killing it as usual brother
Was just thinking i might need to get my expansion plans going just so i can keep up with you brother





I will see your Merle and raise you a DAC


sorry to hear about your discomfort @BIGE (and you too, CB) …edibles and sleep, rest your lungs…I’m sure that’s what the Dr. would order :wink:

plants are good for a sick room, and yours are healthier than you, atm…loving the garden!


went ahead and put all the gals in their square seedling pots…
trying new product,maxicrop liquid seaweed to water them in…


All out of likes @BIGE but I love those. I too need to expand… great grow man. And more beans!! Killing me. I’m going to end up dropping those ilgm Jack Herer beans if you guys keep showing me pics of beans going in soil.



Out of likes, but that frame came out really nice! How are you liking the new lights?


i like them @MattyBear, i believe i’ll use for a small veg table…
hone my skills some…lol
QB for my 2by2 next i’m impressed!


Ool but I love it!
You caught the bug too lol!
I’m gonna look at a QB for my 2x2 as well!


@BIGE nice job! You can run them quite a bit closer if need be.


Can you post a picture of the maxicrop… i believe it has chlorine in it


it does @Dr.DankThumb420 less than 1%


Be careful my plants didnt really like that stuff


thank you for the heads up @Dr.DankThumb420


i’m going through withdraws from the GSC!!!