Dr.evil's hidden laboratory!


I tried but the snow blocked it! :rofl:. Sadly I’ve been gone from Florida for so long that 33 is now a heatwave. Most people don’t understand that the cold in Florida “feels” different. Anyhow, glad to see you back here :hugs:
I got to sample some regular Afghani and I think it’s awesome for pain and might help with your gout. :+1:


i’m on the right side for now…lol all is well !!


mmmmm,afghani lou lo lou lo lou lo
i’m sorry about that
my tourettes is kicking in!
i’m thinking of giving it a try @SmoknGranny or at least a close relative…




Mine too :+1: I’m down to 3 I want to try. Afghani, Blue Dream, & maybe a Pineapple or Blueberry :thinking:. I need to spend my seed money before something else breaks down!!!


all of the skywalker seeds i’ve seen going are turbo-charged!! now i must stare at strain stats for hours @SmoknGranny


Yeah, relative humidity does change a lot.

I’ve had Afghan before. In all honesty, nothing eases that pain for me. Some strains make it easier to say :face_with_symbols_over_mouth: it easier than others, but I think nothing short of raw opium would stop the pain.

I say raw opium because I believe in whole plant medicine over Big Pharm…


I also have an interest in Blue Dream.


i could run through a feild of poppy’s! not very far though!


As I have smoked opium I will say it would probably work :+1:.


I can’t run anymore, but I’ll sit in the middle with some smoke and see if you can make it to me. Lol

If not, I’ll go the rest of the way back to you.


I speak from experience as well. I haven’t seen any since '87.


Germany in 72-73 :grimacing:


I was on a Greyhound bus heading to St. Petersburg, Fl. When I scored. I miss the taste.


@BIGE nice job on the lights. Maybe I’ll get some to play with. I have a similar age group, but add a 6 year old in between the 10 year old. I often need my head checked, and things get hectic trying to get to the garden alone… Everyone needs to stop dropping beans, I have beans, but I have no place after they sprout! Awesome job though thanks for sharing. I followed along closely.


Out of likes @BIGE :raised_hands: awesome build bro


i will have to do something after this grow…i need some new beans!! lol
so far all strains are great i just like different things i guess…
like GSC!! or sourD or something…lol


@bige sour D is in my cart… don’t tempt me to push the buy now button too soon. Lol I’m with you on getting “bored” there’s too many strains to try to only have grown it a couple of times then on to the next.


This exactly what got me started on growing smaller plants. When I started, cost of seeds was a hefty expense. So I definitely wanted to get the most per bean. After considerably upping my investment into my room, cost of seeds seemed trivial. And I certainly didn’t want to be waiting out 2-3 month veg times to sample the strains. So I’d run them out pretty quickly a few strains at a time. I just tried to have a clone rooted from each. That way if I found a winner it was easy to get back to for a bigger haul.


LOVE the Sour Diesel! Doing another one right now! I’m down to 2 jars of it. I’m running a GSC-X as well so we’ll see…