Dr.evil's hidden laboratory!


I know just can’t wait. Despite the cold temps may have to get out there and do something. Or may just end up getting some wood from the wood pile and fire up the wood stove. Tomorrow supposed to be in the 30’s


@bob31 in an effort to save you and anyone else a lot of reading from two different threads…

Those are bridgelux eb strips. They come in what’s essentially 1’,2’, and 4’ versions for around $4,$7, and $14 each. Much like the cobs or any other led, you can play with the drive currents some. So it’s not exactly x amount of Watts for any of them. At test current (700ma) they don’t require a heatsink per manufacturer and have efficacy of around 160 lumens per watt.

Due to the nature of their thermal management, I have been installing them on aluminum bar stock that can be sourced locally using two sided thermal transfer tape I picked up on amazon. It helps them run a little cooler and more efficiently than with nothing at all. But much cheaper here than buying passive sinks or having to drill and tap heatsink extrusions. And the average guy can do it with a drill and basic hand tools.


really easy set up,i made it harder than it should be,but being my first build i’m extremely happy!
i opted to make these overhead,the original plan was mid-level side lighting…lol


Hmmm… You can’t stop right? :joy:… I hope you get all started and after that you will cry because you don’t have room :crossed_fingers:


I kind of figured these would end up that way lol. If you’re not use to using the high efficacy lighting it’s usually a pretty big eye opener. You probably could’ve saved a few bucks going with a single hlg-185 if you had known you were going to do that. That one the voltage range is 4-6 strips at 700ma, or you can run them 4 strips at 1050ma for about 46 Watts a strip.

Something to keep in mind if your wheels start turning on another project with these. Each of the drivers you already have will run around 4-5 of the shorter strips.


:thinking: maybe it will be warm enough to venture outside by then @M4ur…lol


yea,i may re-engineer some things[i was wishing i had 1 driver while putting together!lol]
i’m thinking my 2 by 2 now @dbrn32 lol


If you decide to do something like that I would definitely look at moving parts around. It may not be the best scenario, but you spent more on the two 60’s than the single 185 would’ve cost.


that’s a great grow that’s gonna look bigger and brighter…you got this dialed in keeping those girls happy and will be harvesting some tight colas.


@BIGE YAY!!! Those look really bright! Nice job putting that together! Onward good sir :+1:


got a bit of confirmation yesterday returning from the shed…
my wife came from opposite side of the house wanting to know ‘‘what is that smell’’! lol
i just grinned and said ‘‘aww nothing honey!’’ lol


when the strip hits the tape that is it!!! lol
one strip off about an 1/8 inch lol


Great Job @BIGE, I knew you could do it.


Eh, sorry man. That tape is some pretty solid stuff. The first time I used it was a little unsure of how well it would hold.

Like I told you when ordering. You can probably remove it, but no guarantee the led will survive.


Seeing the auto seeds reminded me that I should have two more in my stash box. I’ll have to drop them next month.

With all this cold y’all have been sending down here this year, I may have to wait until the end of the month instead of the beginning like normal. We’ll see.

I’m loving the results you’ve been getting…


thank you @FloridaSon hope all is well your way.
it’s them yahoos up north that keep the door open!!!


Since I grew up in the South & was taught to share & now living past the Mason Dixie line I guess I’m now one of them “yahoos”. :grimacing::laughing:


Things are getting better now that the cloud cover has broken. I don’t like it when the highs get below 50.

I’ve been thinking about getting away from the feminized seeds. I know how to sex and you still have to watch for signs of morphing anyway…

Last season was a disappointment due to having a severe gout flare during the final weeks of the grow. This year is already proving to be painful and disabling, but I’m on the right side of the dirt. :wink:

I hope all is well in your house…


Then you should know to shut the door! Lol


shut the door it is gettin’ cold @SmoknGranny! lol