Dr.evil's hidden laboratory!


i bought it for the diamonds but seen the other side was white…then hmmmmmm…lol


One side one way, the other opposite? Make them all uniform after you see in action


I like @dbrn32 suggestion, I would likely go with diamond reflective.


yea,one thing for sure…it won’t reflect nothing on the roll! lol
i’ll quit worrying,and lock+load staple gun!


I’m siding with the “Ooh, Shiny!” crowd haha!


I love the panda :panda_face: plastic 10 foot x 100 foot is 85 bucks on amazon I just staple it or tack it go white


I like how your room is shaping up.

I think mylar film works very well. When the fans blow on it, it ripples in the wind and scatters the light effectively. To me, this scattering of light is more comparable to outdoor lighting conditions.


Making me think about all I can do to the garage @BIGE I love it congrats


dr.evil’s MULLET LAIR
business up front
party in the back!
upper forties outside-80f in the grow,no heat on.
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Lovely I’m scoping out an area of my garage to make a big grow 1 time then scale back down lol in laws are down to much epically now we have a heated room in the garage… looks mighty fine @BIGE this site and all you wonderful people have the gears in my head constantly turning


Is that just 2 Milar blankets


i bought a 100’roll 4mil white one side silver diamond on other


@BIGE your in your way now brother love it
Getting jealous of all the cool grow rooms lol
I’ll be joining you all soon on the rebuild :+1:
Are you going to have separate flower and grow spaces maybe put white in one diamond in other see what performs better :thinking:


yea that is the idea john,and i did one side white the other diamond…
1000w hps on one side and 1000+w in two mezhi 1200w led


This should be fun! Is the scary dude with the shades…Dr. Evil himself? What are you going to do about the smell, or is that not an issue?


4 and 6’’ inline fan and filter.
no real issues yet,but they are on standby…
as soon as the dust settles i will install them,still trying to work kinks out.


I love it E nicely done, brother @BIGE


quick question for the pros…
when having heat issues,would one want to pull cold air into the grow,or push the hot air out…
more specific…hooking inline fan onto hps hood
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any input is appreciated thanks


Definitely vent your hoods @BIGE that will also allow ac to work less :+1:
If you have any questions tag me bro I’ll help you out
I’m dealing with some stuff so if I don’t answer right away I will ASAP. Bro :v: