Dr.evil's hidden laboratory!


har-har bob! lol those are my play prettys thank you!
shed is to cold and the girls are asleep! sooo…lol


my son woke up just in time to help clean the mess…lol
almost timed it perfect!


awesome! How old are the kids? @BIGE


i have 3 19yr girl out of the house,lives with her mom in fl, a nine yr girl and 3yr old boy…these two stay with me…lol


Good deal. A young family! I don’t think I could do it! Lol


i need my head checked often as a result @bob31…lol


I was just thinking how hard it would be to have little ones of that age. My grandson is approaching three. You’re a better man than me! @BIGE


dumber maybe…lol i would not swap any of them though…
fairly good stock!


good blood lines? @BIGE hahaha


@BIGE So getting back to the lights a little… $130 all in with leftover parts. How long did it take you to put it together? I guess I could scroll back…


I’m glad you figured it out BIGE, that it’s bright :high_brightness: my friend :+1:. Don’t forget to look at them when are on :joy:… Just kidding :joy::joy::joy:


not to long considering i live with a three,nine,and thirtyyr old!! lol


the sire is a grand champion!


Looks like you did a pretty good job on the frame, probably worth the extra time.

Did you decide where to put it yet?


so i guess i’m just a little jelly of everyone starting seeds and i had to jump on the bandwagon!!
if you cannot beat them join them! [exception being new england pats] @bob31 @Smokin_ernie @Myfriendis410 @DieHigh55 @WillyJ @Screwauger @SmoknGranny @Covertgrower @Coltfire @FloridaSon


yea but it will have to wait until their nap is over! lol
thank you again,and i look forward to building more with your guidance…lol


It’s no problem. I enjoy helping, and who doesn’t like to see a good project unfold? I’m just as thankful for the lab build lol.


I’ve got to figure out building a couple of these.


Thanks again for the tag. I am jealous of everyone dropping beans but it is too cold where I am and nothing setup. Waiting till spring.


it’s cold here @Smokin_ernie when you get your room right it will be smooothe sailing brother!
i’ve got seeds in house,lol that way i can love on them while their young!! lol