Dr.evil's hidden laboratory!


it is a balmy 39f down here in evil land today!
sun is shining,but still a bit cold for me too!


a view from the captions chair…lol
@WillyJ the monster bud is about to bust out of her bag!!! lol
11/2 gal a day!!


Hey @BIGE @bob31 when you order and pay cash do you p UT a return address on the envelope or just your order number there


She’s a beast! Coming along nicely @BIGE


Do you know @WillyJ


Sorry @Sirsmokes I’ve only ordered with a credit card…but I would say put your address on there can’t hurt…nothing illegal in the envelope


i used a CC @Sirsmokes but this next transaction i’m doing cash…


It’s just not 100 percent clear in email. But thanks


@dbrn32 @MAXHeadRoom will they run like this?


If running in a series, You would have,

Pos wire from driver to pos connector on the first strip.
Then Neg on first strip to pos on second strip.
Then Neg on second strip to neg on driver

It doesnt matter which end you use

I dont understand the drawing, only one wire coming out of driver




@MAXHeadRoom drawing works. Or you can make all of the connections on the same end.


Each strip has positive and negative connectors at each end. Electrically, they are the same at one end as they are other. So it makes no difference whether you use one end or the other, or a combination of both ends like @MAXHeadRoom did.

You’re mounting them side by side so it really doesn’t make a difference. But if you were to mount them end to end, the additional taps will save you a lot of wire.


I put a return address on envelope (I sent registered and it was required) and inside I just put order # nothing else.


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That’s quite the unit @BIGE

Gonna have to scroll up to see what this is all about. Thanks for the tag!!


i’m about 130$ into this light with the supplies to build many more…about 100$ is a good est per unit,…4000k
ok for my first build,i’m already going to do things a bit different next light. 120 tru watts


Those are super bushy!


I love your workshop E do you share it with anyone? hahaha @BIGE

The light looks like it came out great! I think we are need to see grow results though! Nicely done, Sir!

When I get my shed fixed up!

PS Something tells me you weren’t happy with the way the KC, TN Game ended.