Dr.evil's hidden laboratory!


Minus the outdoor plants I grew this summer, I’ve grown 5 indoor plants. Four of them I have burnt to high heaven. I’m still climbing the learning curve @BIGE


Is this all you @BIGE…?
Very nice… not sure why I haven’t seen this post… :wink:
I’m gonna scroll up and check it out… :wink: Don’t want to harass you with a bunch of questions you already answered… :wink:
Plants are looking beautiful… :wink:

:v: :sunglasses:


Yeah, your plants are in lovely condition! What are you, 3 weeks into flower?


Looking nice. You make me wanna fast forward my babies to that point


about that @Myfriendis410…i have high hopes this round!!
4 different strains,am.haze,ak-47,white widow,monster bud…
i’ll try keeping a clone of each photo…WW/MB


I’m going to do the same. Whichever one turns out the most productive is gonna get monster cropped.


those pistils didn’t “pop”, they exploded…statues will be built to honor Dr. Evil!

really nice looking garden :wink:


Awesome looking, grow baby grow


i had a dream they grew through the roof @kabongster lol
like christmas vacation!


Thanks for the tag, Brother. They look fantastic!

Remember when it was still new to you? You’re well past that now and rockin’ it!!!

Oh, the satisfaction of growing your own…


Dude your killing it the plants look wonderful and happy :smiley:
Great job my friend Woohoo :raised_hands: was :v:️CB


Welcome back haven’t seen you in a bit, hope all is well @Countryboyjvd1971


Thanks all is good @Sirsmokes
Been busy with the holidays and dealing with the family and all
Hope your holidays went well


very satisfying indeed @FloridaSon
the very few friends i share with are always blown away with my weed!
i tell them…’‘i know a guy that knows a guy’'lol
good to see you!


thanks cb! i’m trying!but not to hard!lol


things are coming along quickly!
@TxGrowman @WillyJ @peachfuzz @AnneBonny @Myfriendis410 @MattyBear @Patsbasement @Usmcjojo @MAXHeadRoom


Nice looking flower ya got there @BIGE


Looking good bro!


Looking good my friend !


thank you jerry!