Dr.evil's hidden laboratory!


How you use it is entirely up to you, I was just curious. Good idea with the drivers!


What kind of wattage out will you get?


about 120 all together @Myfriendis410 30w a piece i believe…


Sorry my mistake. I misread the category due to my blindness. No worries. My fault :slight_smile:


no problem i understand with your eyes and all…glad you stopped by!


Nice job on the room BTW. Good grow.


thank you very much!


You need some fox farm bag fertilizer 5-8-4 with Azos , Mykos , and Microbe life and you’re off to no nutrients for you veg time just PH water seaweed extract and recharge , happy growing.


thank you so much for your input @yoshi,i was up that way this weekend for the hog basketball game…those guys rocked the house!!!


I only used veg nutrients the last week in veg now and wait two weeks with a flush and flower nutrients , but with my three soil mix and Lauer technique I used with bag fertilizer 5-8-4 and layer soil soil my plants are lush the whole veg time of 4-6 weeks .


bud porn…music by @Willd


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Holy fan leaves! Look bigger than my head lol. Looking awesome man!:+1:


Great update and @BIGE, those plants are just the healthiest looking specimens I have seen in a while. Great growing, Bud.



Utterly awesome :clap:t2: :heart:


New lights goin in there?


not yet,i’m going to work on them again tomorrow @dbrn32


not even a tip burned @Screwauger i cannot believe it! lol


From my perspective that is very impressive. I’ve managed to burn the tips on one of my BBA’s now also. I just prefer mine over-nuted. Someday I will have plants that look like yours @BIGE



ohh no you are the ‘‘great buffalo grower’’ destroying autopots and such! lol
when my roots rip out the bottom of my smart pots,only then will i be worthy,sir!!