Dr.evil's hidden laboratory!


@SilentHippie I only worked third shift because it was the only opening they had, and I needed a paycheck. I would say dedication. I probably am a bit odd about some things. Maybe I should ask mrs covertgrower… lol. I’m still a person that would rather be up at 4am, not STILL up at 4am.


You may be better off not asking lol. Just sayin


Hahahahaha @dbrn32 you might be right!


is it spring yet?
i’m getting ready @garrigan65


Hey bud , did you get that guano from amazon? About how much ?
I’ll look :grinning:


yes, and around 15-20 bucks a bag @Nug-bug
i have been slowly amassing the troops through the christmas season…lol
i buy a gift, and throw something in the cart for the garden
ancient forest is next on my list with sea weed extract


@Onlythebest79 @M4ur @DieHigh55 @Smokin_ernie @dbrn32 @Covertgrower @Capt_Seeweed @MAXHeadRoom @Myfriendis410 @kabongster
back on my light upgrade today!
tks again D


Wow!!! That looks bright. Is that four strips?


2 strips @MAXHeadRoom


Not bad huh? Even better when they’re not blinking at you I bet!


they’great @dbrn32 in that pic they were turned all the way down…lol


Pics really don’t do them justice, the intensity doesn’t translate well. But they’re a lot brighter than what most would imagine from 30 watts.


Looking great @BIGE I considered these strips awhile ago, based on your results I think I should have went with at least two!


I know the pic hurts my eyes lol


my wife came in i turned them on and she saw spots for a few minutes after staring at them…lol
i even said ‘‘don’t look’’ but it was to late…she had been mooned!


It’s hard to not look at them. Doesn’t take a genius to know it’s not a good idea, but still difficult to not glare in awe.



I like it! So it’s safe to assume you have bailed from the idea of placing one in each corner?


for now,i was going to build big frame but i thought these would be more versatile smaller like this.
the inner rails float if i want
i’ll place driver on each side to balance


Makes it nice to be able to adjust it some