Dr.evil's hidden laboratory!


Looking good @BIGE Did you insulate that room? did you use regular plywood? I am thinking of doing something similar to my shed this winter. Is that an AC or a heating unit as well? Sorry for all the questions but I am intrigued!


Won’t be long now! :grinning:


Dang Bige. Sorta looked like my garage and basement :rofl:. Isn’t it fun trying to rehome all the junk we tend to collect!!!
You are an inspiration to me and I may yet try some type of indoor grow :grinning:


1/2 plywood,insulated r-13 walls,r-30 ceiling…
that is just an ac unit,i also have heater/w humidifer…
the ceiling got layer of 1/2,then r-30,and another layer of 1/2 to cap off for overhead storage.
ask away,and do not hesitate to comment. i need all the help i can get.


How big is the shed please? 10X12? And did you insulate the door(s)?


@BIGE nice buddy great area


the whole shed is 20’by18’,room is approx.5’by 18’
door on the grow is insulated,grow room insulated but the rest is not.


I would insulate as much as you can


thanks @Hogmaster,i will get more pics up this evening when everyone wakes up.


I’m jelly dude nice space :wink:


Thanks for the info. I have been taking notes and will probably have more questions for you and others :blush:


thks again…i’m excited about it,now i have elec. it is on like a pot of neck bones! lol
things are moving in fast forward now!


Nice your going to love it don’t forget a good lock


double keyed long shank deadbolt for starters…lol
if someone gets in,they will have to go out same way.lol
just keeping honest folks honest.


That’s all locks do @BIGE lol


and the kiddos out also…stays locked at all times
steel insulated door


i’m split on using white for walls or diamond reflective…
the roll that i purchased has either one.
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suggestions please


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All I saw was diamonds :ring:…they are a girls best friend, you’re growing girls. Enough said.

Honestly, I’m not sure the benefits of one vs the other so I would be interested in others thoughts.


They say flat white work’s diamond reflective shines more in my opinion, reflects light better …