Dr.evil's hidden laboratory!


a tucking party…lol, I just deleted what I typed, it was inappropriate :wink:

I love healthy growth…I overfed mine…they are bouncing back but slowed down a bit…lol, why I like photos over autos…screw up an auto during veg and it can seriously hurt the harvest while photos can veg their way back to health.


@kabongster I literally laughed so hard Mrs covertgrower looked at me funny… that was great. I think there should be exceptions to some responses… ROFLMAO. :rofl:


a couple of guys from vegas were caught yesterday cultivating marijuana in an old chicken coop…lol
over 200 plants in different stages of growth…
grow lights out the yin-yang,i’ll have to watch out for colombia county po-po auction…lol
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Yeah youll get some bargains bro
I was reading some where back in the 80s when they started raiding the hydro shops that’s exactly what people would do scoop up the lights etc at auction @BIGE how silly we are humans that is
We think we got everything figured out hahahahhaa


@BIGE youve been a good boy this year santa :santa: going to leave you something nice :+1: in your stocking lmfao Woohoo bro


I am guessing a heat source from an old chicken coupe would be a give a way… call it a hunch…lol. Can’t blame them for trying… :man_farmer:


Get the lights the with the most chicken poop , that’s a 2 for 1 deal , lights and fertilizer .


I was just thinking of you @yoshi when I saw someone talking about DWC in square containers a few days ago and I thought of yours…did you ever get a hydro grow going?


the girls are muddling along!
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Looking great @BIGE


thanks @Screwauger, i’m still working at keeping a steady temp…
i’m swinging about 15to 20 deg never below 64 or above 84f


Killing it @BIGE woohoo :raised_hands: I


Looking awesome. :rofl: Now all you need is a Quantum Board for Christmas. :evergreen_tree::zap::evergreen_tree:


or four lol thanks @MAXHeadRoom


Looking great!


Looking great! @BIGE :+1::+1:


thanks @WillyJ @Myfriendis410


Looking great! Big and healthy! @BIGE


Lookin real nice @BIGE… I’m harvesting big bud today, I’ll take pic later


ohh yea take pics and all the info…congrats @bonnie1 i think you are getting the hang of it!!