Dr.evil's hidden laboratory!


Looking good @BIGE Starting to draw out some plans for my mad laboratory! I was going to run a tent inside the room but thinking I can get much more with using the space with out a tent. Lot to decide but first got to work on the hot tub. Went to turn it on and the breaker would just pop and it wouldn’t turn on. Come to find out some kind of animal got in there and made a nest and chewed some wire. Spring will be coming quick and would like to get this room going before to long.


How can this be Dr. Evil’s lab with something that looks that good, especially that green giant you got going!

loving your progress :grin:


Looking good in the lair @BIGE!


thanks for the flowers everyone!
@kabongster , i’ll have pictures up of my scroggster hybrid i made…it may change life as we know it!


dear santa,
all i want for christmas is a few minions,cause my bones are killing me!
left you one rolled in the ashtray,DR.EVIL


Very nice indeed, happy times :wink:


tks, @Ragnar i’ll update and post some newer pics today.
i put a screen on the monster bud ,and she likes it!


But of course she does :wink:


@kabongster @M4ur @SmoknGranny @Buck3 @bob31 @Countryboyjvd1971 @AnneBonny @Covertgrower @dbrn32 @DieHigh55


no evil lair is complete without lean too!


Did the same with mine something to do with ate all the dry space so needed to make more


ditto, @Donaldj i’ve had to free up space just to move…lol
another will be going up off the back next…lol


I just went large with it right away knowing I wanted to move some stuff into it but still had room for other stuff in shed if I turn whole shed into grow in future :wink: I also enclosed and sided side and back


lol,i love building things almost as much as i enjoy mmj…
since i have started growing my own,they have found harmony together…


That looks great @Big123 Wow! If ever I saw a place that screams “Rain Barrel”!

The firewood looks good, did you split that? You have a stove or fireplace? Some of those pieces wouldn’t fit in my stove!


yes sir, @bob31 , i cut wood on the military base here bob…15.oo yr permit they will give certian areas to cut at. usually a new road or storm damage trees.
i have a fireplace on one end of the house and a buck stove in the other end.
as soon as the fellow comes into town i’ll have rain barrels…




You dont even want to know what I paid for two cords. That’s awesome! @BIGE


room to move is a good thing…I know how it is in our house, things get put down everywhere, waiting for company to come over before we get motivated to put them away…unfortunately, my wife throws the mess all together in a bag and hides the bag…we’ve found so much when we don’t need it that way…

love the garden and scrog you got going Dr Evil :yum:


looks as if we’ll be having a tucking party tonight!
experiencing fairly good growth right now,this is a very hearty gal @kabongster