Dr.Danks Acapulco Gold & Blue Dream

Any bugs? (root aphids) Root rot?

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Some roots may have been ripped up during transplant but majority of rootball was intact, and the wind blew her over.

No bugs as far as I can tell, I seen some a few weeks just one or two on top of soil but I came in hard with DE. I have sticky traps with nothing on them so I would say no

Im scrolling up… Have you filled a complete support ticket yet?

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Can you post one? I appreciate the help @Aquaponic_Dumme I think shes already gone but I wanna know the cause

Strain; Blue Dream

Soil in pots, Fox Farms Ocean Forest with Chunky Perlite

System type? NA

PH of runoff or solution in reservoir? 6.0-6.6

What is strength of nutrient mix? NA


Light system, size? 1 400watt hps and 1 600watt led

Temps; 68-72 night 72-86 lights on with a high of 90 , low of 68f

Humidity; 20-30

Ventilation system; fan

AC, Humidifier, De-humidifier, NA

Co2; No

To me it sounds like the roots aren’t getting enough oxygen, slow down and stop watering for a few days it sounds like her roots are rotting from being over watered

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Thanks @majiktoker.
I had let her dry out considerably so this wouldnt happen.
This is her first watering since transplant. She was reading dry on 1 so I had watered with a half,.came back a few hours later to see if she had perked up and she was worse. So I gave another half gallon of water. I will upload another picture

How much water has she taken as I can personally say, any thing more than a half a gallon in her pot is probably to much

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She had sucked it all up, no water build up at the top of soil.

Just took this pic

Im thinking its just from the stem when the wind blew it over, it almost snapped it completely in half…

My guess is a root issue brother looks to me like her roots aren’t getting enough oxygen, or a toxic build up, how often is she watered

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She isnt on a set water schedule, id say every 3-4 days until they are dry. My 400 watt hps and led produce a good amount of heat. And the pots have 4-5 holes going up the sides and holes at bottom for aeration and such. I put the fan pointing at her soil because I dont want her to water log, so she can dry out

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In a 5 gallon you want to water a total of a gallon of water once per week bro, even with the heat they produce (the lights)


Maybe it’s from letting them dry for so long since transplant, 6 days until her first watering in new 5 gallons. She was reading moist on the probe

Yeah I was giving up to a quarter to half gallon each watering. Probably water twice a week. The others seem fine beside the cal/mag

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So they should get a half gallon each 2 times a week or one gallon each every week? Are we talking business or full 7 days

Full 7 days once every 7 days, and had a full gallon each eventually when the get bigger other wise split them up how up you were and ig you waited that long to water after transplant or to feed with vitamin b1 and other foods, than chances are she’s severly shocked

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Well when I transplanted I gave them each almost a gallon, with the b1