DPhantom Gelato and Skywalker Grow Journal

Hello All,

Trying my hand at my second indoor grow using organic formulas just amending and watering when needed this round. Info is as follows:

Strains: ILGM Gelato/ Skywalker
Soil: King’s mix Royal Gold
Fertilizers: 4-4-4 Organic Veggie Mix ( Down to Earth), Mr. B’s organic Green trees 2-10-10 Bloom formula, Worm Castings, Compost Teas when needed.
Ph: 6.0-6.3
Rh: 45-50%
In-line: AC infinity 4 inch
Small Fan circulates the air
Special items: using cover crop this round ( Clovers, Legumes, Vetch, Millet, Buckwheat mix)

Will be mainlining this round as well trying to maximize my yield per sq ft of grow space!


Bump … a few days of growth! Clover coming in as well!

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Root game of this gelato organic grow using Mykos for transplant.

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Happy root ball. Looks like you’re off to a good start.

Yep, trying to keep the ecosystem thriving in there! Plants were a little sad but now I know why lol

Also did a DIY with those plastic containers drill some holes just with enough space to fit some screws that way it’ll be easier to train.

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I noticed that. Easy tie downs. They will come in handy.

I cut little holes in the fabric pots to do the same thing. I don’t really train much. I just spread them out.

Update: starting the manifold process

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This plant has responded well to the training looks like a mini stump on the forest floor :relieved:

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Good looking cover crop too!


Looking good!

I see buckwheat and clover. What else is in the cover crop mix?

Got to say I am happy with the cover crop as well.


Nice variety of plants for the cover crop. I’ll have to keep that on the radar for when it’s time for me to get more. Thank you for sharing.

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I forgot to ask @shindig153 do you also practice companion planting? I.E Lavender, Lemon Balm, spearmint?

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@DPhantom nice grow you got started there. Are the clovers from amazon canada or usa? Can you post a link, I can’t find by searching? Thanks!

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I’ve looked into it. In a way by having a cover crop you’re companion planting. All add benefits to soil.

Outdoor I planted in a small compost pile next to a patch of apple mint. Both grew really well.

No-Till Cover Crop 13-Seed Mix (½-lb): [50% Clovers Plus Fenugreek, Vetch, Flax, Cowpeas, Buckwheat, Forage Peas, Millet, Lentils, Crimson Clover, Sweet Yellow Clover, White Clover, Medium Red Clover] Amazon.com Here is the link

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Thanks for the link, too bad its out of stock and its amazon.com. I found a similar one at amazon.ca

Roots of my Zkittles ILGM AF

@shindig153 @Covertgrower


This is from my recently harvested Soviet Skittles.