Downward leaf curl

What started as an accidental late summer grow has progressed pretty well so far.

I have however recently noticed so downward leave curling and am at a loss.

Plant is currently starting second week into its preflowering and just started to get some nutes added.

So far only had 3 doses of FF Open Sesame.

Strain; Type, Bag seed, or NA

Bag seed

Soil in pots, Hydroponic, or Coco?

50/50 blend of coco and compost

System type?


PH of runoff or solution in reservoir?

Unk. No meter.

What is strength of nutrient mix? EC, or TDS

Unk no meter but going by the FF guide. Twice weekly feeding @ 1/4 tsp per gal

Indoor or Outdoor


Light system, size?


Temps; Day, Night

High 90- low 100s days. Mid - high 70s nights

Humidity; Day, Night

12-18% day. 25-35% nights

Ventilation system; Yes, No, Size


AC, Humidifier, De-humidifier,


Co2; Yes, No


I’m in southern Az ~32* n. Recently came out of seasonal monsoons (seasonal heavy rain). And temps have stayed high and it’s been dry aside from storms. Which have all hit stopped for the season.

Pics for reference.

How wet is your soil

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Was just watered within a couple hours of the photos

Took about 2litres or so

Not sure how to define the wetness of my soil. I’ve tried to allow it to dry out some between waterings.

Watered on Wed 2 liters. Temps have been high 90s. I stuck my finger down into the soil and it would qualify as barely damp prior to watering IMO at a depth of 1-1.5 inches

To be fair I have killed a lot of plants overwatering. I’m a horrible gardener. But I love marijuana so I need to get better. Dispensary prices are killing me.

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It really looks like a case of over watering. Let it dry out for 5 days and see if they perk up. I grow in 70% coco and 30% verilite and have gone that long between watering. If you have had this problem before then that is probably what it is.


Awesome bro thanks. And glad I started a thread. The thought crossed my mind to flush.

Then I remembered I don’t know what I’m doing :wink:

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Flushing would definitely not help.

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And that is why I ended up here asking.

Thanks Max. Saved me a lot of worry now to find the patience to not touch it for 5 days

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No pH meter? Tsk tsk…
At least the only nutes you’ve fed are open sesame. pH is ultra important for growing cannabis. :+1::+1::+1:
Your plant looks hungry. But I can’t recommend adding nutes unless you’re monitoring pH.

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Once it drys out, I would flush. Foxfarms nutes build up a lot of salts

@MAXHeadRoom has you covered. I would also suggest you are close to getting root bound too. Another pot size up wouldn’t hurt.

Get a decent PH meter along with PH up and down. Seriously.

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@Myfriendis410 honestly I’m worried to try a transplant. I know me, I’ll drop something or hamfistedly break the plant attempting a transplant.

Any recommendation on a ph meter and ph up and down (saw general hydroponics has some by the exact name. Is that the stuff I’m looking for?) Will almost certainly be aAmazoning this stuff.

One last question for now. Will the plant becoming root bound display discoloration / sick looking plant?

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If it’s ready to transplant it will be dead easy: like sliding a two styrofoam cups apart. The best thing is create a bed in the larger pot by working your soil around the potted plant while it’s still in the pot then remove and put in the correctly sized hole.

If you haven’t been cautioned already; try to stay away from Miracle Grow products or any soils that say “needs no feeding for X months” or “Moisture Control”. The chemical fertilizers cause all kinds or problems from out of range PH to nute burn to nasty tasting smoke.

This is the meter I use and many others here do as well. The GH products work very well. You will in all likelihood need FAR more PH UP than down.

@Aquaponic_Dumme here’s another

As to developing issues like discoloration if root bound; yes, absolutely! My first bet is over watering though. The roots REALLY want to go from wet to dry and it’s best to do that by picking up the pot to feel it’s weight. I usually take them to the first signs of wilting before watering.

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All good to know. I’m staying away from MG stufffs and using a local coco coir compost mix. Tank’s green stuff.

The only open pot ive got right now is only slightly larger. I have a 5 gal terra cota pot but that is holding my other late start plant. Much smaller and a little healthier looking, but slightly comical since it 3.5 inches tall and preflowering :face_with_raised_eyebrow:

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I use the apera ph20. I’m very happy with it. I recalibrate once or twice a month.
I use fresh lemon juice to bring the pH down. Its pretty much free for me. I rarely need pH up since I use earth juice nutes, but I do use the earth juice up when needed (it’s pretty much just potassium bicarbonate).

I think you mixed that up. You rarely need pH up using Earth Juice? I even bubble for 30 hours, but the pH never goes above 5.5. I use plenty of the earth juice granulated pH up. In fact, I only use pH down when watering.

Strange. I bubble for about 36-44 hours and the pH is usually 7-8.

If I bubble too long it drops, but that means the good stuff has died.

I use r/o water. No buffering offered by the water, at all. It works for me. :grinning:

Never bubbled longer than 30 hours.

Not sure where you’re getting that a lower pH when bubbling ej nutes means the “good stuff died”.


Hope the tags in are ok gents. Got what I think is the side effects of a tropical storm roll in last night and awoke to super dampness outside and high humidity. So much for my plant drying out some

Thankfully both were under the covered porch and stayed dry.

It occcoured to me I have a clean 5 gal pail just sitting around. Intraded my sports car for a truck and no longer see a need to wash cars so it will get repurposed.

Planning to drill in some drainage holes and attempt a transplant. Going to see if I can enlist the wife. She seems surprisingly supportive of my grow considering its not 100% legal for me to cultivate, and she’s got a degree in crimial justice.

Also mentioned the ph meter to her in passing as she is concerned for the girls. She looked at me like “why the hell don’t you one you cheap ass”

I shrugged. Going to jump on amazon and see what’s what. I like the recommendation you gave 410 but the cheap bastard in me is like dude that’s cutting into your weed money.

Thanks again all!

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“You gotta spend money to make money” is true of growing cannabis. Keep in mind that you can grow plants with no support but we are trying to maximize the potential of the genetics inherent in the plant. That changes the calculus somewhat.

That PH meter will be the single most used tool you own if you are smart. Having the correct PH prevents so many issues that you would otherwise be fighting, assuming you are like most of us and don’t have ideal water at our fingertips.

A 5 gallon bucket works but I would recommend drilling 1/2" holes on the bottom and up the sides about 8" as well. A bit of sphagnum moss on the bottom can help keep soil where it should.