Downward camping leaves on tower garden

Having issues with my auto amnesia haze. Has been growing well until I reached the flowering stage. About three weeks in and leaves are starting to canoe downwards.

Backed off with nutrients and added only fresh distilled water.

PH has been consistent at 6.5 and only use the “tower tonic” (mineral blend A 2-0-0, and mineral blend b 0-1-3).

Mineral blends require 20ml per gallon for full strength.

With small amounts of tip burn I think it’s an overwatering situation but the pump timer only has two settings, 5 on 45 off(of which it is set to) and 3 on 30 off. Also have a fan running on pump timer schedule.

Lights are on 5-10 everyday.

With about 4 or so weeks to go until harvest and no way to reduce watering, are there any suggestions, or will the plants end up alright if I just ride it out until harvest?

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I have no idea what you’re growing in, looked up “Tower Garden” and it said it was a Hydroponic growing system but you are growing in soil?
The Tower garden has no specs for lighting either. I’m not 100% certain this is an ideal set up for growing cannabis. “Tower Tonic” is for soil-less growing, Aeroponics and Hydroponics. Not sure how that calculates into soil.

At least that’s all the information I can find on it.

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Tower garden is a 20 gallon reservoir with a pump and segments of the tower that have “shower caps” between to trickle water. Not sure what type of lighting but works for all plants. Currently sharing the tower with cucumbers, green beans and jalapeño plants.

PH in hydroponics should be around 5.8
Nutrient uptake is best absorbed around 5.8ish

Is that hrs, or is that the time, 5pm - 10pm?

Maybe there’s a plant I don’t know about but most plants will take approximately 8 weeks from the time you first see bud sites till harvest. From the looks of those buds, you still have about 5 or 6 weeks to go.

Lighting does look a little inadequate. But will probably still produce small buds.

As far as curling of the leaves, kinda looks like maybe a slight touch of nitrogen toxicity. Nothing too major. Kinda hard to really see the plant. Overall, from what I can see, plants look ok.

I’m like @PhillyRock not sure that tower is ideal for growing cannabis.

Maybe @peachfuzz @dbrn32 @Covertgrower @MattyBear @Myfriendis410 has experience with your setup or knows someone that does.
Good luck! :v::+1:t2::sunglasses:


Good looking out! Ph in system like this is pretty critical. I think I will defer to peaceful on this one.


Awesome. Thank you for the input. Was more of an experiment growing in this system.

Will drop the PH and report back once the plant is harvested.


I think more light is needed. Seems too thin and tall. (streching to find light)


i concur on the lighting. if you look at the setup, even though you can see the built in light you can see that the plant looks like its growing away from the light toward the window. at least that’s what it looks like in the pics

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Just want to post a few update pics to get feedback on my plants progress. Buds are not increasing in size all that much but the plants health overall seems to be alright. Waiting for a digital microscope to observe trichrome clarity.

Assuming harvest will be in the next week or 2, I now have the question of flushing. Once I remove the plant from the tower garden the roots may suffer obvious trauma.
Is there a chance the plant would not tolerate the transfer out of the tower and would I be able to flush the plant properly while altering its normal 45 min off 5 min on watering cycle?

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I’m confused. When you take it out of the tower garden, aren’t you going to harvest it? Looks droopy to me. I’m no expert though. Feel like it’s getting over watered. Watering for 5 minutes every 45 minutes sounds like it’s too wet, but I don’t understand what the tower garden is still…

For sure getting overwatered, that’s just how the timer is on this tower unfortunately. My plan was to get it out as gently as possible and attempt to manually flush it of any of the tower garden mineral blend that it’s feeding on.

I guess the question I’m asking is, will it be worth it to attempt a flush and will it effect the overall final product in a positive way.
Or should I just pull it and dry?

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That’s a hard one to answer. Some people flush, some don’t. I personally feel like the nutrients are in the plant no matter what, and you can’t just get them back out like magic. I personally didn’t flush on my grow. Maybe never will.

Recent blind studies among veteran stoners have shown that flushing,if it actually does anything at all, when cured correctly only hurts the end product. Usually there was no difference but non flush favored. In some instances of clones the stoners claimed the not flushed to taste way better than the flushed after both were properly cured. But like it is always said here. If you’ve only gotten street pot, you’ve never tasted cured.


After examining trichomes with a small digital microscope I decided to harvest today!

Had roughly 80% guestimated cloudiness in trichomes and pistils were probably 90% turned orange.

Will post a follow up after drying and curing and have a final harvest weight.

Here are a few pictures for anyone who wants to try growing in a tower garden in the future.


Congratulations brother! Keeps us posted on anything new. Good luck!

1.38 ounces! Can’t wait to try it, thanks everyone for the suggestions and advice.

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@NHerb how did it turn out??? I have been growing vegetables and herbs in my tower garden for years and can’t wait to grow cannabis! What tips or advice do you have to be successful?

From what I learned, I tried to use a bit less of tonic blend A because it is straight nitrogen and I was getting a bit of tip burn.

Run a fan with the pump timer.

If you have the tower lights they are not sufficient enough to produce large buds so make sure you are near a southern facing window to assist.

Besides those three things, just plant it and wait!
Most low maintenance plant I have grown in the tower.

About to finally try some of our herb tonight!
Will report back, has been curing for 3 weeks now.

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@NHerb Yesss! Thank you so much for the tips, they are invaluable!

I am not suing grow lights just have it set up on my patio which gets Southeastern sun rise exposure and about 4mp till sunset exposure.

How did your herb from the tower garden come out???

@NHerb how did the TG bud turn out? I am still trying to germinate my seeds before putting in the TG! Three failed attempts with white widow autoflower so far.