Downunder, Outdoor, Week 11, Autoflowers(WW, JH and Ak-47)

Hi All,
Here are my Auto flowers at week 11. This summer we have experienced very mild temp’s and endless days of cloud cover, little sunshine to speak of. The next week is going to be more overcast conditions and expected rain for the next 2 days. I can’t help but feel these plants would be further along with hot sunny days, it is what it is.
That said, for the conditions they are coming along OK. Wanted to share with the forum.
Notice in some pic’s, it’s so overcast the flash in the camera is going off, at near 10.00 am. If anyone has been following along, Ive potted-on 4 of the Autos from 3 gal’ grow bags(Canna Terra Pro) to 5 and 7 gal GB’s with my own medium made up of the best available potting mix + perlite + vermiculite + compost and some volcanic pebbles. I found the plants were just not getting enough water in the Canna Terra Pro mix, no matter how much I flooded them.
See the attached pictures.
The Cali Gold is grown in years old dried horse manure and natural soil and for good measure the grower dug in varies species of rood kill.


now thats what im talkin about… fantastic stuff… thank you for sharing the pics… hopefully the girls will get some sun time soon…

Continuing the discussion from Downunder, Outdoor, Week 11, Autoflowers(WW, JH and Ak-47): Apologies: The 1st and 3rd photo’s(top to bottom) are of a grow unrelated to the Auto’s post. It is an oudoor Cali Gold grow somewhere in our island state.
I have heard it said, generally speaking that grow pot size should equate to 1 gallon pot size per month of grow time? I used to only grow my Auto’s in 3 gal grow bags, it made sense, sort of.
But, I have 3 Auto flowers growing in 5 gal grow bags now and for comparison I have 2 in 3 gal’ GB’s. At this moment(at 4 weeks) the growth rates are fairly equal, but I can see the plants in the 5 gal bags beginning to gain more growth, slightly at this point.
I will post pictures in the next few weeks for all to see. In my last harvests of Autoflowers(AK-47) grown in 3 gal’ GB’s I harvested approx just under 2 oz’s of dried flower per plant. It will be interesting to see how things go this harvest. The AK-47 is a great smoke, and popular…

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i would also expect to see the 5 gal plants to surpass the 3 gal… the roots just have more room to grow… i usually do 3 gal or so indoor but i typically use a minimum of 5 gal + for anything outdoor…

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Welcome to the forum, nice to see another Aussie here, there are lots of us here, I’m from SA, which state are you from?


I would suggest shielding the budding plants from the rain to guard against budrot. Looking good!

The Island state, south of Victoria…my paranoia creeps in from time to time.

your pics inspire me to get things moving on my outdoor plans this year…

Welcome to the forum . I set to watch .

HI to all,

I have topped 2 of my Autoflowers. 1 Jack- H and a W Widow. Today my outdoor Autos are 13 weeks old. They are close to harvest but not quite there yet. the 2 that are in 7 gallon grow bags are still putting on the weight. Right now we have beautiful sunshine, but already the night temperatures are down to 5-8 deg C. Damm, and it is still summer for one more week.
My NL #5 has started to flower and I will post pic’s as we get closer. You can see the NL in some of the pictures, to the sides. I have dug it into a 16 inch hole to keep it low as possible.
Out of interest I took 2 top-cola’s(JH & WW) as I want to sample the smoke from the plants that are early in the harvest window. I enjoy the light buzzy smoke of an early pick. That said I am now waiting for the remainder of the Autoflower plants to get a 50/50% milky/amber trichomes before I harvest.
Then Ive still got 5 more Autos that should be ready to harvest in mid April, depending on the weather.
It is so hard to wait, but it will be worth it.
Oh’ the Auto’s that I have in 7 gal grow bags, still are 1-2 weeks away and I feel at this point that they are going to be large buggers, they are still growing?
I love this hobby!! Enjoy.


Hell yeah! Looking good.

Looking great .