Downside to running HLG 135 at 165 Watts?

So I just put a HLG 135 into service and noticed if I max the current dimmer it will pull 165 W from the wall. I can’t imagine the light will be very efficient running at 165 W and heat output will increase but are there any other drawbacks to running the light that hot ? What is everyone setting their 135’s at when they want max output during flower ?


I run mine at full power during flowering. The reliability of power supply and LEDs are rated to that level, and life is not impacted. Yes, higher power levels create more heat. The components are rated for such temps. Efficacy should remain relatively constant throughout the power spectrum.


I haven’t heard a single complaint about that light. I wish I had known about it before I got my ts1000 kit.


Yes, its a great light. I’m loving the simplicity of it all - q board, heat sink and driver and you’re ready to go.