DownEast HIGHBUSH 2018


@Willd, did you write inside the cup or backwards on the the bottom of the cup?
Either way, I’m impressed with you handwriting…


backward on the underside. thanks.


Looking good brother. That line up is going to kill it


I couldn’t decide…a retro look or something with a little more oomph?
anyways, now we know your alter ego :wink:




@Willd if you can remember Sir would you please tag me in so I can really get to understand the Outside grow please :v:️.


@Johnzy81, I think you can change your setting on Will’s grow to “watching”, so you can get updates.


Thank you @North_East_Newbie I’m really no good at this tech stuff I don’t even have a Facebook account lol :joy:


I have just done that mate thanks again @North_East_Newbie :v:


No problem. Happy to help.
We are all here to learn, become better growers & make some new friends.
Happy growing! :slightly_smiling_face::+1:


I’m out of likes mate but yes that’s exactly it hopefully I can return the favour at some time @North_East_Newbie.


Ah ok I was gonna say I tagged ya back last week.


@Willd you continue to raise the bar for us all brother and on a budget as well! Will be following your adventures daily!

Like we say in fishing, tight lines! Not sure how that translates into gardening. Maybe something like don’t let your leafs droop :slight_smile:


Sorry about @Willd I suffer from memory loss straight up mate Car Accident but anyway I put your thread on Watching so should be sorted.


You have a dazzling dozen there Will. I’m dying to see how that Pure Indica does. She’s not looking too impressive so far is she?


Quite unimpressive. Not sure what’s up with her. Mutation of some kind. Pobodies Nerfect.


Well thankfully I found a spare power strip amongst my souvenirs. That allows me to put the fan back in the mix so the geranium doesn’t die of heat stroke. I turned the big light fixture down from the four bulb bank to the two bulb bank as well.

Some watering was needed too. I have “high” hopes this grow. My nutes shipment is delayed. Should be here today though. Need to buy new or sacrifice one of my closed top water jugs to mix nutes in.


I’m slowly catching up :crazy_face: and thanks for your recommendations re mold resistant strains. I’m curious about the ambient temperatures in your cellar and how close you have your lights. If you don’t mind I’m going to be lurking in the background and will try to follow your lead :blush:


GSC & NLXL broke out overnight!

Nice and warm in there. The water in the geranium overflow saucer is adding a nice level of humidity as well. I raised the lights a little. I’ll be glad to spread these first 9 back out once the last 3 develop a full of leaves.


Dude your going to have a nice grow this summer
Freaking trees brother
You going to need a cherry picker to harvest lmfao
Nice job buddy


yeah, my plants are more comfortably warm than me, atm