DownEast HIGHBUSH 2018


Now that’s just bragging, lol!

I’ll bet your finished smoke is as soft as a baby’s kiss and potent!


A regular "pot"pourri! Lol😂


@Willd hi there if you don’t mind would you time allowing you tag me in on your progress going forward please. :v:


Sure thing @Johnzy81


Nice one Sir sound thank you. :v::seedling: :v:


If you don’t mind I’ll be peaking in and tracking this. You’re growing looks awesome I have seen some other post I believe. You have a lot of knowledge. I wouldn’t mind getting some knowledge nuggets for my notebook if that’s alright? Thank you and keep up the good work. Enjoy your grow


OK here’s the last three of the dozen courtesy another good friend of mine


Very cool of your friend. Good luck!


The dirty dozen!


@Smokin_ernie No I’m just starting my outdoor grow way early knowing how much bigger I can let them get inside before Memorial Day. Last year was my first time with greenhouse thing in the cellar. I didn’t feed them inside at all because I was fearful of them outgrowing it which they did very late in the game.
At that point I went into dumb mode and disassembled the greenhouse and spread them out on the floor and reconfigured the lights which by that time was fine. This year I’m going to start light feeding as soon as 4 full sets of leaves develop. Once they start getting to outgrow the shell of the greenhouse I’ll only remove the skin and spread them out on the floor and reconfig the lights instead of taking the whole thing down. Then once they’re out of the cellar, I can use the shelves as storage from Memorial Day thru Feb.


Wow you got a great start to the season. Those things are going to be enormous. Are you planning on scrogging again?


I hadn’t been downstairs since Sunday.
These were almost touching the fixture.

Knowing I was going to need it for these last 3 I intentionally left the seedling heat mat flat on the floor instead of rolling it up in the box.

I moved the smallest 3 over with their bigger sisters.

Temporarily replaced the fan with the seedling heat mat until these 3 pop

AND I did it all in 31 seconds!

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lol, damm you’re quick!!


Hahahaha i was just thinking that myself @BIGE
Hes quick On a few levels hahahha


A Man with a Plan and gettin’ er done!! That’s @Willd


you’re all too kind.


We need some Benny Hill music in the background. Hahaha.
Gettin’ it done! Great job Will!!


which bag of corn did you grind your grits from?
you might have accidentally gotten into the high speed chicken feed @Willd!!


That’s perfect. I used to watch that show with my dad, he would just belly laugh (and I thought it was kinda silly but I was 17). Miss that show!!! @North_East_Newbie


From the looks of it, wouldn’t be surprised if you outgrow the greenhouse again haha. You’re off to an awesome start!