DownEast HIGHBUSH 2018


I got 4 lbs but only usedabout 1/2 compared to the 24-32 + lbs of wet ice I have used in the past.
It was <$8.00


FYI you can go right to the 73 micron screen if you want. Saves you a step.

Dry ice is king!


that’s an awesome pile of goodness!


Meijer stores stock it thats where i get mine


That’s what Loving Marijuana will doooooo


Gorilla Glue
3+ hours to de-stem & run through the trimmer for 16.1 oz bud, 12.5 oz trim, & this dish of low grade keif from the sides of the bowl.


The Sands of Time… No Rest for the Gardener


At my current salary I’d be lucky to get a half oz for 3 hours wages, so it’s all relative.And more like no rest, period, end of story. Ha ha ha ha
This is of my favorite tunes and bands. This one is pre Peart but an exlemplary example of what a top notch rock trio sounded like in the mid 1970s. Every time I ever saw them I was amazed 3 guys can make that much sound!


My group of friends loved Rush and we saw them twice in 78 and 79

So many favorites but this one


They opened for BÖC first time seeing them. I think it was 78 or 79. Same year as summer jam with Sweet, Atlanta Rhythm Section, Rainbow w Dio, & Foghat
The opening acts were all better than Hogfat. Never got how such a lousy excuse for a band got to headline that tour. I left a couple of joints with my friends (and ride) and thumbed home from Providence about 3 minutes into their set.


Two members of BOC were from my ex’s hometown (Clayton, NY) and went to school with her and her sister, at least for a while. Always a great party seeing BOC


mmmmmmm,that gorilla glue is some stinky,awesomeness!


OK it’s official. I had delusions of hanging onto all my keif until the next rosin pressing event at my local head shop and just have them do it.

All it took was a little encouragement and guidance from @Countryboyjvd1971 & @Hogmaster to set me on the direct & narrow path to affordable rosin pressing independence. Thanks fellas!

I’m expecting to take delivery by next weekend. I made sure all my bills are paid first! ! Ha ha ha ha.

I got impatient 2 nights ago and ruined a gram of keif pressing it with a super hot hair straightener. It worked and was über aromatic, but was obviously “burnt” for lack of a better descriptor.


Hey Hannah! How in hell are ya? how does YOUR garden grow?


So yeah we’re not nearly done with processing the 2018 harvest.
These are the branches from the 7’ Gold Leaf and LA Confidential that were topped at about waist high in a September Wind storm several weeks before harvest time. I’ve sampled it and it’s all viable.

I moved this in from the garden shed knowing full well the doors will be snowed in Friday and there’s a good chance they’ll stay that way until spring.


That looks more fun then a barrel o bud haha


I missed the end of your journal, but what a season. More ups than downs in the end, I’d call that a win. Great work buddy. Inspiring :v: :+1: