DownEast HIGHBUSH 2018


Yeah they all tend to turn purple when the chlorophyll starts draining away from the cold temps and lack of nitrogen uptake.
I liked the pineapple so much last year I grew two this time around they take 2-3 weeks longer to mature than the rest so I put them in the part of the plot where 12/12 happens soonest


I cant never seem to get colors i even added a ac to keep my lights out temp cooler. Oh well dont habve to be purple to do the job


@Sirsmokes this is a clone of @Willd’s pineaplle haze




Thats beautiful im thinking about that new gelato strain it looks amazing


I’m reading through ur messages and I’m lauphing because I delt with the rain the mold and know I’m watching things turn purple as we’ll. On the other side of country nevertheless. I was cupple days away from topping crowns on the 10 footers when the storms hit as well. I haven’t gotten on the site for a month been too busy. I’m shutting it down for this year. Not worth worth getting a few popcorn bugs with molding issues


Impressive nevertheless. You should have enouph for a small town it’s looking like :+1::+1:. Enjoy.


Rippers struck again and nabbed 2/3 of what was left of Pure Indica Friday night. I had taken the van into town during the day and left it in driveway instead of sleeping in it up in the field that night. I’m harvesting what I can today & dousing the rest with a nice emulsification of human waste and ending the vigil.

WE ARE MOVING, before I commit property damage against the suspected perpetrators and wind up behind bars.


That really sucks.



You can commit property damage against someone stealing from you on your property. This has to be an inside job and I hope you catch the F@@ker and put a nice hole in their ass


@Willd Man o Man I can’t imagine how pi**ed and vengeful I would be.

What a season.


Sorry to hear! Thieves suck.


Property = The Teeth in their head and/or the flesh on their behind. @Onlythebest79


:angry::angry: i have no words, just so sorry that you have encountered one of the worst kinds of human things living!!

What a season indeed!!!


That’s some shit right there. Someone definitely watching your stuff, would only hope karma gets them and you don’t have to responsible for it.


There are ways to get your money’s worth out of the investment you made in a thieves activity. Just watch out for cameras.


Karma will catch up to those damn fools.


That sounds like someone that is close enough to be watching i.e. neighbors? Nothing worse than a thief I’m sorry that happened.



Do you want to know what I would do with the rest that I will leave to those bastards…

I would prepare a mix of 2 -48 pills pack finely crush Ex-Lax max strength that I would put in solution in castor oil (another laxative) and water in equal parts and spay drench the rest of your plants…

I would really, really like to be a little field mouse and enter their homes to see the results after a few minutes after they have consumed this and have a very very good good laugh at them…

ROFL :joy::joy::joy::joy: LMAO



Sorry, man! Get more proactive on their asses