DownEast HIGHBUSH 2018


Progressing nicely. Won’t be long now. It should be first week of October for me. Some of yours look like September.
Good job.


Your ladies seem farther along that my bright white pistil’d gal…i know it can, I know it can…

Pot is plentiful
Golf courses are emptier
12 weeks till sleddin


yeah I have more earlier shade for longer in that area every year it seems.
Many of these will be ready at the end of the month from what I’m seeing in the trichome closeups


Man everyone’s up early for a Saturday. Hope everyone has a great day


right back atcha!


I’m thinking the numerous applications of ZeroTol may have something to do with the accelerated pistil development too, but I also see lots of cloudy trichs!


I’m late, I was going to stay up at 3 when I got up to take a leak but I knew my GF would get pissed if she realized I got up to play in the grow room. So I waited until 430 then I can blame it on being the time her alarm goes off M-F.

New tent is only 9" sq wider but it seems like “I’m movin on up…”


Yeah I can see the cloudy in many shots!!!


Lookin good! You are a couple weeks ahead of me-


That GG#4 trichomes look super milky!


GG must be delicious for caterpillars. I found another cache of moth eggs on her Saturday. These were about half the size of the previous ones and gray instead of white. There are a limited number of flower sites that were harboring gray mold (bud rot). The entire patch could use another dose of ZeroTol. I’ve been spot treating with good success using a trigger spray bottle, but better to be safe than sorry. Once that dries it’s BT for the ‘pillars


Glad you are on it Bro.

I treated my pineapple with a curative dose last night. No grey mold noted but some PM on some of the leaves.

Gave her a blast of p and k with a skosh of n as I figure, mother nature willing, this plant has another 4 weeks easy.


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Pure Indica

This girl was previously storm ravaged and only got one little broken branch during this round


LA confidential
This one got topped and lost a bunch of branches


This one also got topped, but only lost one branch on the opposite side


Gold Leaf
Topped and the most damaged


Pineapple Haze II
Three small broken branches. Well, ok there are whopper buds on the ends of them.


White Widow
Leaned right over. No broken branches


Pineapple Haze
No damage, just rain laden buds