DownEast HIGHBUSH 2018


@Willd just phenomenal plants!! Way to Grow bro


@Willd just wow buddy! The forest of green!


Outstanding plants, buddy! Keep it up :+1:


I was gonna say: You’re getting shorter, Will! Just your plants getting bigger lol. You should be close to 12/12 by now…


Almost Al! A couple are just starting to show signs of that. The rest are either just ahead or just behind. Exciting times in store if I can keep everything protected from pests & mold.


Big time pruning for Purple Haze.

I tend to forget how much time taking care of these beauties requires.


she’s a big un’!!!


That 2nd pic down looks like you took a picture from undr a tree


Pineapple Haze I
She’s no slouch either!


Holy cow! Those things are monsters! Well done @Willd


How’s your trip to Acadia lookin?


Amazing trees your growing there brother,I’m sure your going to have a bountiful harvest,all the plants are looking huge this year,well done brother and your taking @Screwauger under your wing to pass along the knowledge,well done and well jel lol keep up the good work


Purple Haze II
Here she is in her flowery glory!


Holy tree trunks
Lmfao out standing @Willd woohoo


Looking good going next week


Epic plants and grow, amazing @Willd


Uhm thats cannabis pornography…


You’re killing it @Willd :v:


Time for a broader spectrum pesticide today. The spinosad & BT applications don’t seem to be impacting whatever is eating tiny holes in my leaves as much as I was hoping. Pyrethrin it is!

MrsWillD helped search for pests yesterday after supper and we didn’t really find much of anything. A few aphids, a leaf hopper & a couple of little spiders is about all we found with the naked eye.


Also have noticed all kind of ”cankers” and scarring on some of the stems of the Giant Purple Haze. Kind of like supercropping scars, but fact is they weren’t supercropped. Pics to follow after daybreak.

Some odd unexplained soft yellowing and dying leaves on her & Gold Leaf as well.
When I touch the affected leaves to remove them, they just fall off.