DownEast HIGHBUSH 2018


Everyone got a dose of spinosid this morning to rid the pesky leaf eating pests.
They all got watered the whole time I was spraying for leafhoppers and other bugs.


Today was supposed to be feeding day but I never feed if rain is expected within 24 hours. Taking a day off from gardening today.


Given all the media hype down this way (it’s a red warning weather day don’t cha know) I’m hoping to avoid any catastrophes today. Not that ir would take much, the breeze last evening tipped over my outdoor autopot plant and 7 gallons of nutrient solution drained out through the autovalve in a couple of hours. We live. We learn.

I’ve never wanted to bang out of work more than I do this morning!!!

Have a good day @Willd


Hey @Willd The garden is looking great!! I knew you would have some trees growing well done!


“Highbush” now makes alot of sense! Amazing garden there!!


Pure Indica




LA Confidential


Fresh Candy




Gorilla Glue


Gold Leaf


Purple Haze


Pineapple Haze II


Pineapple Haze


White Widow


Purple Haze II


Come on girlie!!!


Dude glad I stopped in to check up on you lol
Looking fan freaking tastick
Woohoo @Willd @Screwauger


Any signs of flowering yet? A couple of mine are starting to show. It seems a bit early but I’m not complaining.