DownEast HIGHBUSH 2018


Haha I’m down, set to watching


Bad luck on the AK, I have found it to be an awesome pain reliever and overall good medicine for me. I agree with you on the SSH, I love it and am thinking about trying one in the outdoors on a friends farm outside of the town in a very rural setting. He has not grown ever and wants me to guide him in his grow. I think I should be able to help him get going. I can always get back to the panel of experts here to remedy any situations I can’t figure out. He doesn’t want to be on line as he does his business on line and is not comfortable talking on line.

BTW, remember the old Colombian seeds I gave to a friend. He believes he has a stable offspring finally. He crossed a blueberry with it and is testing it now (second generation). He just started germination of the seeds a few days ago. I will keep you up to date. Maybe I can get a few around. When I get them, I should be back up north again and able to visit you all.

Thanks for the input. :us::man_farmer:


Set to watching. Cant wait to see your awesome results.


Cool William, I do the same with my ordaniry crops… :wink:

I cannot do or able to do 12/12 outside in an acceptable temp range in my area for cannabis plants, even in a greenhouse, espacelly without possibility of artificialy warmth induction in it.

Thanks for your input, it confirm my assomption that it can not be done without heat assistance in my area :wink:


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Mr. @willd back at it again. Definitely will be hanging around :sunglasses:


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Hope you don’t mind I follow along in jealousy? Outdoor growing is pipe dream anywhere in the near future, so I may as well envy yours haha. Set to watching.


Lurking in the background.haha! Set to watching.


I’m amazed at what you doing and it’s set to watching. You should pull off a nice harvest with all you have going. I believe if I had this much going I would only grow for a year and take off for a year or two. That’s a lot of good you have going there keep it up and I’ll be watching.


Subbed in (watching) and eager to learn lots from @Willd

That’s an impressive indoor GH I really like that puppy!!

Nice planning and set up, I sure do admire your organization and get 'er done philosophy! Gotta get me some of that.

Best of luck growing forward my friend!!


@Willd, I gota give it to ya. You were able to decipher the instructions to put your greenhouse together. And it appears to fit perfectly. I have trouble most times when the directions say, “some assembly required”. Surely I’m not the only one that has difficulty. The darn instructions are printed so small some times I can’t even see the part numbers much less know how they connect to one another. Definitely a labor of love. Good job.


Yeah brother. Ezcloner is full! Got the clones rolling and seeds ordered for autos. And starting to compile enough ingredients for couple hundred lbs of supersoil for em!!


OK so I am pretty happy with the results so far. I’ve got about 15 minutes before I have to log into work to get these beauties into pots. I didn’t take pictures of the three that don’t have taproot exposed yet.


Germination Nation! Got the pair of 28 W T-5 about 3” from surface of the tops. I got my Mylar in place along with the seedling heat mat
You may be wondering why there not 12 pots going.

There are only 9 for a couple of reasons.
1.) Waiting for a gifted seed on one and
2.) I’m going to take clones to double up the number of Pineapple & Purple Hazes instead of dropping multiple beans.
Another reason I’m starting earlier is that not all of these are guaranteed fem either so once they’re big enough, I’ll have to take cuttings and force flowering under 12/12 to determine sex. If I find any males I have time to try again.

It will be a good research experience to see if any differences between seed grow and clone grown plants manifest in any obvious ways.


Look out @Willd is at it again
Lol going for those trees :evergreen_tree: woohoo
Your going to have a forest of Cannabis


WooHoo :tada: :grinning: :wink:

Yeah my friend, let’s get ready to ruuuummmmmbbbbleeeeeeeeeeeeee


Are you familiar with Ralph’s Cafe, Ridgetop Diner or Tobey’s? Just trying to estimate how close you are to any of these landmarks. I don’t really patronize any of them besides Tobey’s. I’m about 10 miles north of it.


Germination is underway!


Houston we have lift-off!!!
:+1: really was interested in LA con. But the other "deals caught my eyes.
Looks like we got them just in time for the next term of inflation… not that I blame ilgm , shoot they gotta eat too.
Good day sir will


Good day to you too, Nug. The LA is what I selected with my BOM prize. It was about the only selection from the “new arrivals” suited for outdoors here in mid coast Maine region.
My stepdaughters boyfriend and I traded some ILGM strains as well which is where the Pure Indica came from. The Jazz came from a sample my neighbor grew outside this summer.
Thankfully, I have enough seeds I won’t have to purchase any for quite a while.