Down to earth organic nutrients

any using down to earth? was going to do a run with different brands of organics and going to try Gaia green roots organic and wanted to try down to earth but they have so many different products any1 have any experience with it or a feeding chart i couldn’t find 1. roots organic has a lot of products but it seemed more straight forward and easy to understand what’s for what

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I’ve never heard of Down to Earth. Whatever you do be sure you get a product that is designed for cannabis. You will want the proper ratio that is balanced for micronutrients and macronutrients.

yea their line up has so many different products couldnt find a feed chart to see what should be used with what for cannabis none of them say bloom or grow its just all fish bone male, sea bird guano, bat guano, bone meal, bio fish, bone meal, Langbeinite, starter mix alfalfa meal, Dolomite Lime, White Azomite Powder, neem seed meal, crab meal, feather meal, kelp meal, Granular Humic Acids, all purpose, fruit tree, bio live, fish meal, Rock Phosphate, bio turf, shrimp meal, blood meal, acid mix, azomite, blood meal, Soluble Agmino Powder, citrus mix, cotton seed meal, root zone, root growth enhancer, green sand, fish power, theres so many its crazy

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Down to Earth is a trusted brand for weed , most organics need 2-3 weeks to break down , so it needs a bit of planning. I top feed every 3 weeks . The amount per gallon of soil should be on the package


but what nutes to use together theres soooo many

Soil building is a art. What did you start with . I started with a Coot’s soil mix.

when i first started growing or what i start with now?

What base soil and amendments are in your soil now

my mix is usually fox farms cultivation nation its just coco and pearlite at 70 30 mix and i add 25 percent earth worm castings and gaia green all purpose but i really want to dig in and lean and understand all the nutes when i looked at down to earths product line i was like holy shit theres so many how do you know what to use with what and whats for what at what time lol i couldnt find a feed chart either

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I looked at down to earth but decided against it for the very reason you are having trouble with: it’s just too many components and it confused me. I ended up going with Dr Earth because of a clear, simple feeding chart and only three components. The kicker is my home depot carries their line.

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Organics is a buffet, you build your microbe population that break down your organics, and your plant takes what it needs . Totally different than bottle fertilizer. A good start is recharge

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@xwhitex , growing with organics is harder at first, but the rewards in yield and flavor is worth it .

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Down to earth does make blended fertilizers I don’t use them but I use many of there other products all of them seam to be high quality

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