Down loading the growers guide

Just got the new Amazon Fire 10…and can not down load the guide…on my old Fire it down loaded no problem…

Any ideas what is going on ? :confused:

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Are you referring to the grow bible? @Kcdaniels

If so download them from

Book 1:

Book 2:


@bob31 you are the MAN :raised_hands: how did you do that ??..
I’m fairly good on a computer but this had me stump😉

I had the links saved! hahaha (I cheated)


Lol how are you with Linux Mint 18? I may have to pick your brain as I am fighting with Skype as you know kinda a must for us staff :wink: I don’t want to have to skype with my phone for future meetings. Though I suppose I could go dual OS and install Ubuntu for skype just prefer to avoid that


@Donaldj hey if your asking me I’m sorry I don’t have any experience with Linux :flushed: but in my book @bob31 is the guy :raised_hands:

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@Donaldj I worked with earlier version of LINUX but not in 15 years. I’m quite rusty. We switched all of our servers over the Windows based right after the millennium.

We did some experimental dual boot systems about 10 years ago, but I was on the peripheral and as I recall it was less than successful.

I did a search for “Linux Mint 18 and skype” and I see a couple of you tube videos and web hits that look promising.

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Tried several including manual terminal attempts seems I may have to find correct plugins or try running Win DL on Wine (Linux windows imulator) if not and running dual os would need to be on other os to receive calls

I have used several Terminal emulators to run windows simulators and that did seem to work. There was a remote site we had to access for awhile that the software would only load on XP. So we did an XP simulator and it worked without a hitch. I like those better than the dual boot OS. @Donaldj

I never receive grow guide in my email. I do run a VPN.