Double stemmed black widow seedling

From a fellow grower who is curious to see if anyone has experienced a double stemmed seedling


Never experienced this but.

Wooowww she’s cool I love this :love_you_gesture::sunglasses: I’m sure @Arrow would have some fun mainlining this baby :love_you_gesture::sunglasses:


That is very cool looking, it will be interesting to see how it grows.




Lemme at it!!!..lemme at it!!!..:wink::joy::joy:…Brother, I would broomstick that girl…16 colas per side…I can picture it in my head… Damnnn…I’m jelly…that’s so cool…:sunglasses::v:


Siamese twins! Sweet! Join the site so we can all watch it grow


@Arrow I new this would be right up your street brother, :joy::joy: broomstick It I new something (normal) like that was coming :sunglasses: she would be a beast bet she’s a bud machine, kinda jelly my self, she’s a little freak I like that :sunglasses::love_you_gesture:

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Thats cool,I’m interested to see how this turns out.

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@Weedlover1 I’d also like to see this as a journal on the ILGM forum don’t know if this is a possibility :love_you_gesture::sunglasses:

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I have a lot of questions… I will refrain…I’m watching this very closely…(thanks for the tag by the way​:joy::joy:)…:wink::sunglasses::v:

I also have a lot of questions I will refrain also… I was set to watching as soon as I saw this :rofl::rofl: and don’t mention it brother when I saw her a new she was right up your street :love_you_gesture::sunglasses: stay safe brother

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This is so cool. Definitely following!

That would be great,this is an anomaly I’ve never heard of.

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Morning all :v:So I have done a little research last nights and there’s not a lot on this matter seems twins propping from a seed is quite common but to have a Siamese twin Is quite a rare occurrence twin seedling can be split at birth growing two tap roots where as Siamese twin have on root one stem and two heads There has been a few reported incidents but no much information on the matter but from what I read it’s a genetic mutation as the embryos grow there’s squeezed and form into one Siamese twin very cool :sunglasses::love_you_gesture:

@Wishbone believe you had something similar going on with your amnesia haze :love_you_gesture::sunglasses:


Just happened to me with a skywalker seed guys on here gave me some helpful advice saying to separate them as soon as possible they will have different tap roots let it get a few more inches high and dig around it and be very careful not to touch the roots but you can unwind the tap roots and put in two different cups beware tho the tap roots will most likely made it to the bottom depending on how it was watered first day


Sorry lol I just noticed that’s one stem that’s pretty weird lol


So cool, dude, this is so much more impressive than my Purple Seedling, which turned out not to be anything cannabis! Watching for sure!