Double stem split at end of flower?

i did something i have never attempted… I usually always stem split 7-14 days before harvest. about 8 days ago i stem split 2 NLA today i decided to get a little wild and give em both another 3" split right above the previous split. Im 3 days from harvest and gave a final flush and when dry will harvest!! Has anyone ever got wild like this?? The plants took both splits well and didnt compromise its vertical strength. I guess im gonna have to wait and see??? Any experience with a crazy stressed splitting processes out there??? OnE LoVe

I had an outdoor purple haze last season that I split the stem on 3 weeks out from harvest, I tortured this particular plant almost daily for the last 3 weeks of its life and the plant thrived.The resin content did not seem to increase but rather matured faster. I only did this as bad weather was predicted just before forecast harvest time and I needed the haze to mature before bad weather set in. It definately worked.

I have never seen it speed up finishes that early (20+ splits) Im glad it helped in your case. I only started splitting plants that were late or slow to “frost”. I feel that there is a noticiable difference overall after a cure with a plant that was split?? Thats why i started doing em all. Thr first one i ever did i miss timed horribly and i actually put it back into a bloom regiment for 3 more weeks with 0 issues. Check out this crazyness! Lmao


Not sure if multiple splits would help
If done correctly you would have already stopped the uptake of nutrients ?
Please keep us updated tho

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Hey how has stem splitting helped with your buds? Does it produce bigger colas or…

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This is a topic that some will say is hocus pocus but, in my experience splitting does trick the plant into thinking some horrible traumatic event has taken place and its very life hangs in the balance. Its basically a drastic stress technique That in turn (in theory) causes a rapid release of resin and trich production. Similar to a end of flower dark period. I have been doing splits for a while now. And in my opinion it gives the flower one last push towards greatness. I would research it and make your own decision. Hope that helps give you a baseline understanding though? @Humanclone

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Read this it explains stem splitting and why you do and when to do it @Humanclone


That’s a great read.

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Ill always try to post a guide when it’s appropriate @monsterblackbass lol
Robert explains it better then i would hahahahha
Hope it was helpful

Yes good read thanks:neutral_face:

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