Double charging

I just ordered 10 + 10 White Widow AF and 10 + 10 Blueberry AF. I called my bank and authorized the charge. I have now received 2 texts and phone calls from the bank requesting authorization. One is for the correct amount and the other is for a higher amount. There are also 2 orders listed in my account. Why is there a second order and charge? I will cancel both if I feel either is a fraudulent transaction.

You need to contact customer service and see if they can help. I assume you could go directly to ILGM Store and contact them there.

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I have been a customer here since 2015 and have never had this happen. The customer service and seeds I have received have always been quality.

I apologize if I came off a little strong. The area I live has the second highest rate of Covid infection in the country. My wife is a nurse and my daughter is a physical therapist and they are both providing direct care for infected patients. I guess I am just on edge at the moment.


Good luck and please be SAFE

Nightmare all around you by the sounds of it. If you’re unsure of any activity in your bank account I would cancel both. That way when the transaction fails they will contact you with the right amount and how to pay. Your account stays secure that way. Stay safe and good luck to both you and your family :sunglasses:

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Thank you.

And thank you to all of those on the front line. You risk your lives so that others may live. No matter who you are or what you background is you deserve the all the respect and support this world can offer.


Not at all, I’m a big fan of ILGM myself. I wasn’t sure if you had bought seeds from ILGM before or not. I know a few people have had some issues but most everyone that I’m aware has been able get issues dealt fairly quickly. Even though I have bought seeds 4 times from them it always makes me a little nervous. Good Luck hopefully you can get things straightened out.


Please thank them for me. My wife is a nurse and while she has not been called to help with rona patients the chance is always there. We have several friends who are on the front line in our state


Could have been something as simple as accidentally clicking back button at wrong time or a mistake on billing end. Things happen, people make mistakes. I’m confident it will get worked out if you reach out to the right people.

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Im hearing you.
So sorry to hear your news.
You didnt sound like you were coming across to strong.
Im in nz the rise in number of cases climbs here daily but nothing like the rest of our world.
Im a support person caring for people with interlectual challenges.
Its tough and scary.
The worst part is leaving home and entering our workplace were there is a lot of hand over staff coming and going and trusting they are being careful outside work bubble.
Hard to know what to say
Its so unknown.

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Thank you all.

True to their word I have already been contacted by ILGM customer service and am working on getting this figured out.

Stay safe.



Could have is not a good explanation / excuse.

I have been a communications engineer since 1981, the last 20 years with a fortune 500 ISP. My team deals with financial, medical and infrastructue clients on a daily basis and we are constantly trained on security and fraud issues.

Here are just a few of the flags that have me concerned.

There were 2 different attempts to charge my card that came through almost at the same time.

The attempts were when I was purchasing online.

Neither of the companies ( PayWithBarter & World Health Merchants) show up when searched

No one else has access to the card I used.

There are other flags that I will not point out for security reasons.

I am now in the position of having to monitor my card on a daily basis or cancel the card which makes me very upset.

I have dealt with ILGM for 5 years and up to this point have had no issue and hope this experience does not indicate that my trust is misplaced.

I used the term “could have” because I don’t know what happened, and it was an example. You see, I/we don’t have anything to do with the seed shop. Yet every time there is an issue there are posts here, and I always try to drop by and let the members know that their issue is noted. Seems like if we don’t, some people like to go on a rant and create a bad situation for all of us.

I am also a customer. When I pay by credit card I know that there will charge coming from a funky named business because they post it right on the website

The fact that there are 2 charges I don’t have an answer for, but somebody does. All I wanted is to make sure your issue made it to the right people so you could get some help.


My wife is also a nurse, and she has to work the rona floor. Everyone stay healthy out there


That’s a load of garbage. I doubled paid for order 781588. They wont return emails. I confirmed with my bank they did indeed cash my bill pay check on 2/16. I dont have my $ or the Bruce Banner feminized seeds i requested. Being retired i have all day to get satisfaction. I’ve dealt with these people 2 before, everything was great. IGLM has gone to hell in a handbasket and I wont quit till I am satisfied.

Don’t feel alone. Seems like the wonderful fast helpful customer service of ILGM has gone down the drain. Am seeing lots more slow/lost/replacement issues ignored.
I sent a replacement request for 7 out of 20 that failed to hatch. It’s been over a week now and no response at all.
Sad to see a good thing go bad.