Dots and Curly edges

Hey there folks …

Ive been working alot latly and asked my wife twice to water my lads , but she gave em tab water sadly… Plants are growing OK ,nothings wrong … My 3 ladys are 20 days old and nothing was wrong untill now …Im growing inside ,in soil,no nuts given so far, 70-74*F , apparenlty no fan was needed so far since im at seedling period yet , under a 18W fluoresence …
Well my problem is that some white marks started showing off on 2 of them and the lasts one leafs edges started turning dark greeny and curly/curved …
dont wanna loose em :frowning: + any immediate answer would be very apriciated!
heres some pics of ma ladys …

The white dots :

And the dark greeny / curly leafs if they can be showed off :


Tap water and I’d wonder if maybe the pH is off now in the soil, especially if you have really hard water. But those really white spots look like it might be something else.

Hopefully Latewood chimes in on this, because he is real good at identifying things that are disease related other than just pH related.

Ok gosh thanks … Looking forward to hear from latewood then…those white marks made me worried alot…

Do you know the pH? Because it could very well be part of the problem, if not entirely the problem.

Soils pH?sadly i dont , i bought one and i still waitin for it from ebay :<

I use rain water you don’t no me you talked to me about germination and re directed me once your cool thanks

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I assume you’ve gone back to using distilled water? Or a very low PPM, nearly pure water with a properly adjusted pH?

I also am assuming your “soil” is also nearly nutrient free? Seedlings should have pretty much no nutes at all until they have at least a few more nodes and well developed sets of true leaves.

The dark green and twisting could be from nitrogen overdose. Twisting can also be because of pH. Speckles, freckles or spots can also be from pH. Some brilliant white spots might actually be white fuzz from powdery mildew, a fungus, or they could be from bug bites. Some things to think about.

Also, be sure you are not over watering them as well.

I’ve heard rain water works for some people, thanks for the input. Be sure to monitor the pH and PPM, nonetheless.

Yes im back into Distilled water Mac ! Thats what i use to give them and there was not problem so far…until that came up(tab watering) …
Soil is nutrients free yes …
Checking out for buggs every day before i leave for work , nothing showed up or i havent see them … pretty sure theres no buggs at all …
I assume i gotta check my soils pH or else im just blind waling…
And im pretty sure im not overwatering(had that issue on the past,learned off it)
And thanks livewire about your input :slight_smile: Will check it out too
And thanks Mac

This might be a long shot, but looking at the pics at max size, it looks sort of crusty. If the water is really hard, as the water transpires and evaporates at the leaf’s pore, it could be leaving a lime scale like substance behind on the leaf.

Hmm ill just have to wait for the soil pH meter ;/ alltho is there anything i can do now for my ladys ? somethin to fix it out ? or just leave it be and the plants will throw it out?

Yeah, hopefully it pulls through. I’d say adjust the pH in the soil, but you need the tools to know what it is at and what you are changing it to.

Ok thanks Mac ! The tools shoud be here in 1-2 days max as they told ! ill just post for further infos :wink:

Hey again , i just wanted to mention that 1 of my lady looks like its going to burn out of pH issues or smthn … as long as i can see with my eyes since i got not the tools yet …
Is there anything i can do to save it ? it looks like it wont pull through this … Even the new sprouting small leafs that comes off the top , are like dark greeny / sicky … Shoud i flush it out with plenty of Dist water?or that will cause a lock or smthn?!

Yes, you can flush with distilled water, that could help. Distilled water is pretty much about 6.5 to 7.0 pH naturally. Flush once with at least 3 times the volume of soil, maybe 4 or 5 times to be sure, it would be nice if you had the tools to check to know when enough is enough. Then let the soil nearly completely dry before re-watering so as not to stress the roots too much or drown them.

Ok then thanks alot ! Im on it now… Does that kind of thing takes loads of time to recover (soils pH / or even waters too salty pH can lock the growing of a plant right? )

In soil, everything can kind of be delayed about a week before it shows in the plant’s leaves. But the pH at the roots should change noticeably immediately, nutrient concentration(EC/PPM) as well, if you had the tools to monitor it.

tools shoud be arrived today … they alrdy got delayed two days actually … ;/ Well ye thanks alot Mac , ill just update with some pictures of everythin goes OK :wink:

Gosh i just checked waters pH while flushing(took a sample out of the water running off the pot) … it was like 7.3 to 7.5 on the first … no questions why ma lady was in bad mood…

hi my run off is always way higher ph than i put into the soil i bring ph of water and food down to around 6.4 - 6.5 but when i test run off from soil it is always around 7.2 - 7.4 so plant has not used all nutrients in soil , have started to leave food out for every 4th watering / feeding and just give ph`d water , my plants are slowly coming along should of been bigger buds by now but had lots of ph probs early on lost 2 plants due to high ph but hopefully i am doing things right now ? only doing this as i am in constant pain and fed up of crap i have to keep putting into my body