Dosing? Does anybody care?

This is confusing. Any idea?
I made a tincture and had it lab tested. It came back 12% THC and 12%CBD per mg. So. If you take one milligram you will receive 12% THC and CBD. If you take the same weed and smoke, say from a one hitter, how much THC and CBD are you ingesting? Do you really care? Not sure if I do but curious.


Im guessing no, just guessing tho. The thc and cbd would be concentrated in edibles. When smoking you lose some to fire and air.

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read in High Times ( if my memory is correct) that smoking you get 15%, edible’s 30%, tinture’s (under the tounge ) 60% and suppositories even more. Didn’t have any % of thc listed with the article. Sounds like a pretty good mix for pain being 50/50.


Hey @retirementJOB did you mean 12% TCH/CBD per ML tincture? I’m confused too!

1ML = 1000MG = 1G
1ML = 20 drops

When I make tincture I try to get 20% per ML so every drop of tincture is 1% or 1MG THC.

When I make edibles I try to evaporate the alcohol almost completely off leaving me something much more potent.


Yes per ml. Thank you.

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So 1ML = 1G.

So take your starting potency of flower and chances are you lose 50% due to decarboxylation and side smoke (that’s the angels share).

I.E. starting flower is 15% or 150MG THC per 1G. You smoke the entire thing and you are getting about 75MG THC.

Curios as to how much flower and Alcohol/Glycerin you used to make it?

If I remember it was 6oz decarboxalated flower and covered it with about 1/2 cup of MCT oil in mason jar. Put jar in water in crock pot and set on low for a few hours. Strained through cheese cloth.

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I ask because I’m currently learning how to test potency of flower, tincture and edibles using thin layer chromatography because I want to test the flower, decarbed flower, tincture, RSO and edible so I can see where my potency loss is is improve the process.

Trying to make edibles with more accuracy in dosing than just guessing.

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I have mine tested at a lab. There are a lot of them around now