Dose anyone know what this means

A buddy of mine hes plant starded doing this do ya know what it is ?

What size pot are you in

Hes like in a 1 or 2 gallon pot i told him his pant was to stranched because of how far hes ligth is but im not sure why the leaves are doing that and its only from the mid section down

U need to transplant to 5 gallon pot it might be root bond but Iā€™m not an expert @Cyle1 @OldSchoolGrower help please


Ooo ok ill let him know and hopefully that helps him thanks!!!

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more pics would help
Filling out a support ticket would help


Looks like lack of water, or nitrogen excess. Difficult to be sure with out a support ticket. Might need more light too.


Might need a lot of things but a picture is helpful. First thing though is transplant into a larger volume to see if that solves it.


I think it needs to be transplanted and it also looks like the tips are burnt so possible over feeding and watering, like nute burn. It def meeds more light because once she starts to bud, that stem and branches wont hold up the buds. Just my 2 cents. Hopefully someone with more exp can help. Good luck!