Do's and Don'ts for Autoflowers

What’s up fellow growers!

I’m starting my first auto and I was wondering if you guys can offer me some advice for a nice healthy yield. For example I read somewhere not to use foliar spray and give autos have a dosage of nutes otherwise they will burn. Thoughts on those two? Because I planned on otherwise.

I would say it depends on how and where youre growing them, I started mine inside for a few weeks, re planted outside , used foliar bug spray at night along with all organic nutes at full then half. This was my First Auto grow as well as my first grow in many years. I did nothing to the plants as far as cutting , bending ,pinching etc… just let em grow and see how they grew, they did well even after a good beating from mother nature. Next grow will be generally the same with a few amendments to the plants (FIM) cutting etc… There is A lot of info on the web on Autos, and a lot here too, wait and see what other people say on here, ph your water and Don’t nute too soon.!!

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Ok i love autos. And you will get alot of different info. I like roberts guid on autos. Ive read heaps on autos on many sites. But i believe that to get the most out of your auto read up on lst. Dont top. Just lst and feed half strengh nutes.
There is no problem with fimin or toppin an auto or even giving a good strong feed. But id only advise that after growing a few autos. You need to understand them a little. If you accidently stunt growth anytime in the first 6 weeks thats the plant not growing to its full potential because an auto will stop nearly all its growth by the 6 week mark. After around 4 weeks they start to flower.
So im trying to say try not to shock an auto. Lst is low stress and wont stunt growth if done correct. And if you lst you will get an even canopy of bigger and more bud.
Its crucial in the first few weeks to not stress it out at all.
Hope it helps.


Use this as you guide:
Vegation stage week 1-3
Flower stage - weeks 4-10

auto’s will take up to 3 mo’s from seed to harvest - some auto’s do “mature” at bit earlier (Vast & Fast, ect)