Dormant Autoflower

My autoflowers are a week-old and they look like they’re a day old they have stopped growing my room temperature 78 humidity 80 what in the world am I doing wrong

What kind of soil are you using? Could be they are just working on establishing their root system first


Sohum living soil

You normally get a pause during the seedling stage. Tap root is being formed. Best thing you can do is provide it with a dome and mist distilled water and no nutes for two weeks with the dome on. (Make sure of air holes)

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  • Light system
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I’m using a kind LED 1000 for my light have the Reds at 15% the whites and the blue at 36% height of the light from plant 42 inches any help on why these won’t grow would be appreciated

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Please fill out the Support Ticket. This puts all of the available information in one place making it easier for the experts to make a diagnosis.

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I think she’s just putting down her roots as well. You should see noticable growth soon.