Doom's Repugnant Six

It’s a temporary fix at best. :adhesive_bandage: i just need it to light them for a few month while they root. Once the rooted clones are in soil they will veg and flower under the PLC kits.

Ideally i would like to custom build another PLC but thats on the back burner. and a new tent would be nice. possibly in the future.

Last summer i used my old 2x2x4 tent for clones. I crammed a 48” t8 4x 40w fluorescent led tube kit in there to light up 10 ph’d water jars of ilgm Sour D Fem and Super Silver Haze Fem cuttings. the clones weren’t great but i recall 22 clones getting me over the 1lb hill i wanted so badly to heave my buttocks over lol :joy:

i equate using t8 for growing clones like getting some fast food. it serves a purpose, but it’s not greatness. the hamburger you ordered definitely does not look like the picture.

I’m ready for growing some steak and lobster weed.

The PLC lights and ilgm genetics gets me the lobster and steak no doubt. i still am just working out the kinks in my grow room space to maximize quality clones.


Three clones 26 days from cutting (upper left) “Marge” Super Silver Haze mother i believe this palm tree is around a month into veg. (upper right). Two White Widow Autos about 6 days old (lower left dome-less 1 gal containers). Jack Herer Auto, 2x Sour D Fems, Jet Fuel mystery (photo?)seed found from dispensary oz of flower.(from left to right under domes)

Close up of Marge

26 day old clones of Ssh mother. Shortly after cutting they were dipped in cloning powder and placed in seedling potting soil.

5 days after starting the cloner a added 6 tsp of Clear Rez into the octocloner.

Two Bubblegum Auto’s (Left to center) about 2-3 weeks into flower and I think a Amnesia Haze (right), i’ll double check in the morning lol.

All but the Jet Fuel seed are ILGM strains.


Welp folks we didn’t win the BOM for May but we damn nearly did lol! 2nd place!

Yes yes @kaptain3d can throw down a gif about how 2nd place is likely being the first loser, its fine. i will laugh at it :rofl: