Doom's Repugnant Six

At this very moment the air is thick with the smoke and the smell of a newly harvested Jack Herer (ilgm auto) from my first successful start to finish indoor grow that was started back in Fall/Winter of ’19.

I did it without documenting anything, yup, very selfish, I apologize. With all the outdoor troubles in the past I decided to take a break and regroup…until NOooww…

Once again, Spring is heading our way and Doom’s planning on growing some of the Devil’s lettuce!

The Repugnant Six

2 x unknown bag seeds

Yeah better pictures to come once the lights switch off tomorrow. Both unknowns are currently 86 days old from emerging to the surface and each is roughly 2’x1’.

I’m figuring they are photos. Both are in veg stage with no definitive sex. Today is the first day of 12/12 (started with 18/6) light schedule switch. In the coming weeks we shall find out if we have girls or boys.

I’ve been mildly LST’ing the bag seeds and they currently reside in 3 gallon 50/50 FFHF/ FFOF inside a 4x4x6.6 tent with 3 x Viparspectra 450W LEDs. They aren’t the fastest ship in the galaxy but they should get us into early flower before I build a new custom light for full on flowering.


4 ILGM Auto seeds have been place in shot glasses to soak in the dark for 24 hours.

1 x Amnesia Haze Auto

1 x Blueberry Auto

1 x Bubblegum Auto

1 x Jack Herer Auto


Boom… set to watch… congrats on the harvest enjoy the hard earned booty and fruits of your labor…


Welcome sounds like you’re on your way to great harvest #2 I’m also set to watch. Happy growing.

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I’m on board to watch.

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That’s s nice mix. I’m gonna watch

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Welcome all, good morning to you!

My winter ‘19 grow Totals for the 4 autos (dry weight)

Og Kush auto 2 zips 6 grams
Jack Herer 2 zips 8 grams
Northern Lights 1 zip
White widow 26 grams

Total 5 zips 26 grams for 3 months of work. I’ll see if i can get pictures of the curing jars later today.

I did a really relaxed grow this last winter and let the FF soils do most of the work. I didn’t ph my water. Its from an underground aquifer and tests at 5.5 ph. i plan in PH’ing this go around. i also didn’t feed them either. This time i plan on feeding with FF trio.
It sounds like my Winter grow was counterproductive but i needed to know what the soil would do on its own.

With that said, our totals should be higher with regular feeding and keeping the water ph at 6.5. I was concerned about FF HF and OF already containing enough and didn’t chance the burn damage.

After soaking the seeds for 24 hours, I used a spoon to scoop out each seed and placed them into a small paper towel. Bubblegum was on the bottom of the cup. the other 3 were still floating.

With a mister bottle containing 5.5 ph aquifer water. then folded the damp paper towel into a loose square. i don’t crease the corners of the paper towel and place into separate zip lock bags. i placed all of the bags into a small cardboard box and cover with a bath towel. the towel in theory keeps the environment dark but also retains the heat from a small heater a few foot away. Tomorrow i will be checking for tails.


Jack herer and og kush turned out tasty and potent. home grown is so good.


Lots of new things in store for 2020. Thanks for checking me out.

just waiting for my heatsinks and we might be seeing some assembly pictures soooon. :v:


Each strain i have grown in the past and each i enjoyed the final product.

That looks like an empty sci fi hospital ward or something.

Looking forward to watching it fill in, and some lights going together.

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Ed wood vibe going on in my tent?

yeah i need to adjust my timer or catch some pictures when the glowing burples are off. it always comes down to timing. all the dr appointments, dentist visits, vet visits and other life stuff gets thrown at me when theres even a whiff of me committed to something like this lol!


Lol @ decontamination spray down area Queen b Is what I see. Like the end of ET. Doom that’s so true huh, you get Simon going and it’s “since your not busy can you do drs appt”? You have kids?


good morning to you.

i can see what you are talking about there
Decontamination in progress…please standby

i’m the goto dad so first of the year is always just busy nothings changed lol. got a high schooler about to venture into the driving stage.

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Well it was nice knowing you Doom…lol good.luck with that. My kid gets a lawn mower until he can afford a tank!


lol I’ve balanced workload before but yes its just as time consuming as a 22 plant grow lol.

One day at a time. I already have it made up in my mind that the first car will need to be closer to a pos level and reliable simultaneously lol. we all know the first car will get crushed by the new driver rookie mistakes. it happens to all drivers right?


I have a 16’ grand Cherokee 75th Ann. All the safety features HUGE back up screen. right when it’s paid off he’ll have a tank…as rough as I wanna sound I’m pretty sure subconsciously that was the little father character that sits on my shoulder that bought that particular vehicle… I hate to sound like a concerned father and all but I can assure you the last thing going through my mind was my kid getting my new truck when I bought it…lol
I’m glad I get to hear your thoughts about it and like this forum learn from it. LOL I’ll pray for ya


After 24 hours of darkness I peeked inside the germination box to check for tails. 3 out 4 seeds had tails. Only Amnesia Haze was placed back into to the box of darkness.

I use a seed starter mix for seedlings. This time I’m using 3/1 Jiffy Natural and Organic Seed Starting mix and perlite.

LOL I blame Jack Herer I’ve been partaking in most of the day and I apparently forgot to take a picture of Bubblegum’s tail. Aside from digging it back up I guess I can describe it, I’d say it’s tail was half the size of Jack Herer’s pictured above.

I use large domes crafted from 3 liter soda bottles I saved for re-purposing.


On the new dyi light suggested by dbrn32 the only thing missing is some wire. heatsinks and driver arrived. The wire is still in the mix of loading belts and sorting binds but will be at my doorstep soon. I do love that what used to take 6 weeks from a catalog can arrive within 2-3 days in some cases.