DoobieNoobie's DIY light and RDWC grow


Ah, I see, I had mine in I guess they call a supersoil mix from day 4 sprout. Then, I didn’t add any nutrients until maybye two weeks until I induced flowering. Basically, I saw they used up their soil nutrients, and then supplemented with the nutrients, Epsom salts, and then molasses.


Since, I have to pack it up after this grow, and never seen a grow off lol. What does everyone look for in the grow off lol. Weight, plant quality, etc.


The rules and dates are posted somewhere on this site. Hopefully someone can post them for you. I do not recall where I read them :joy::joy:


Thanks mate, I’ll be in a legal state by 2020 new year, so maybe, I can hop aboard if anyone doesn’t mind. For my second grow. For some fun.


#TeamIndica for pure pothead purposes. But i cant knock nan sativa. They DEFINITELY have their own uses. Like coffee n wake n bake? Sativa time… but after 5? I wanna be red eye baked when i see my boss at 5:15 in the grocery store :joy::joy:


How many plants you got again? Just try starting early on the one you have the least amount of faith in. If u time it right you’ll know lol.

Also sorry im chiming in 20 messages behind. Catching up before i get lost :wink:


No idea how th i didnt see your journal. But will be caught up over there eventually… sheesh so many pot growers around here :joy::joy:

Grow Off


I have 3 WW feminized girls from ILGM on here. Working nicely. Honestly, I have the same faith I. All them right now! I can’t find fault in either of the 3. To say that one is doing worse than the other 3 at all.


Grow off
My sad day and Your lucky day, I cant wait till then to plant . Maybe next time :cry:


It will line up right around where I had planned to drop seeds for next run. But the 5 gallon pot requirement has me scratching my head on how I’ll make it work.


Is there a reason to demand 5 gallon containers though? Just had a glance at the rules, and saw that as well.


It’s just to keep it a somewhat even playing field.


How does that apply to hydro though? I’ve been using 3 gallon smart pots, and never had roots grow through the sides. Definitely, I’ve had plenty of them going through the bottom, but they just air prune away themselves.


That’s just it I can’t use my setup for it. It does allow whatever media just has to be 5 gallon pot. So I could do a 5 gallon bucket straight DWC or I could do a smart pot with coco and still use water from my system. Just have to set it on top with some supports then it can drain back into my tanks. There’s several ways I can do it just need to find the easiest.


I gotcha, for a fun grow off. There’s a lot of rules!


I’m about to go check on my 3 ladies now, I’ll try and catch up you everyone in a little while.


Just step over to the dark side
5 gal plant in a 4x4 today ready to double in size


That thing’s a monster. Lol how much water are you having to add daily?


Its cold so only about .5 gal


Dying to plant seeds,my GG#4 is 8 weeks out I think 6 weeks would be tops for two plants in my 3x3 tent
Pineapple Trainwreck and Banana Kush. Sounds yummy :mage: