DoobieNoobie's DIY light and RDWC grow


And on that note over to rautins thread for a evening toke.


Here’s my contribution. I’m either early or late. I dunno :man_shrugging:. But at least im on time. :wink:


I’m up we got lucky the big storm missed yes!


Yeah lol some people are all mad about it. Lol why be mad be thankful.


Whew! Finally caught up again. I medicate, read, and then forget that I’m just trying to catch up and don’t need to read every single post :joy:

I’m happy to see your grow going well. The one plant clawing looks like maybe too much nitrogen, but otherwise gorgeous. Keep it up :+1:


Yeah I got a bit heavy handed for a few of them. But I think I’ve got them right on now. Got some slightly burnt tips on the new growth.


Looking good doobie. Yeah I had some burnt tips the other day but they looked a lot better today when I watered her.


Yeah I saw you’re pic. They look great.


Hey doob and @dbrn32 would these work together and is this power supply same thing as ones that have a cover on

edit… I see it wont wrong voltage… it says these strips are 39 volts forward does that mean I need a 24 to 48 v driver like this one?


now what’s best way to fasten strips to this u 1/2inx1inx1/2in x 8ft


The drivers you are posting are constant voltage, I would prefer you used a constant current. I’m out shopping with fam right now, but look up thermal runaway in leds for explanation if you’d like.

I can find you a couple of driver options that work. How many strips? And do you want dimming?


Going with 3x eb 1120 35 cb3 dont need dim


And yes I read about thermal runaway can cause a strip to fail I think correct?


And my goal is cheap as possible to make it work I’ll get wire and I can get a lead if can make it cheaper… also read something about a resistor to prevent this and there fairly cheap like 6 to 10 bucks if I can do that to make cheaper that’s a option to I’m pretty handy and can wire and dont want to solder but I can if I have to make cheaper


Thermal runaway can cause a fire. It can happen from a strip failing or from a loose wire.

Three gen 2 eb 1120mm would run on a lpc-100-700. Fairly inexpensive no frills driver from meanwell.


There’s not enough price difference to justify not using constant current. Literally should be the same for what you’re looking at. So look up that driver he listed it’s only $23 at arrow. Com with free shipping. And with series wiring you need less wire. As for mounting the strips you want the double sided thermal tape from Amazon.

I don’t remember what width those strips are. But if you’re mounting them on 1/2" just make sure its that wide at least.


Its 1in with 1/2 in legs and the strips are .9627485930o3i59e inches lol


So that power supply you listed is all I need to run 3 strips? No other devices ?what about the resistor I heard about .or do I not need it with constant current. And what is the difference to constant current to constant voltage excuse my ignorance.What about 4 strips… and what will actual power be of 3 strips and of 4 strips …this DIY thread I read for 30watts a square in a 2x4 said 12 560s is239 watts so 6 1120s would equal that so 3 should be 113ish ish but from manufacturer 3 of them is roughly 81.9 … now I’m thinking I want 9 560s that will put me at 123 watts that’s it that’s what I want I can space them out parallel to each other for my space


Lol CC versus CV. constant current if a strip of light fails the light will stop working and have no risk. CV if a strip fails all the power will shift to the working strips thus overloading them. If another fails the last one would get all the power put into it. That’s where the fire risk comes in. Give me a second I’ll tell you power amount for 3 versus a bigger driver and 4.
And yes that driver he listed will run 3 with nothing but a frame and power cord needed.

You’re looking at 100 watts that way with 3. I’ll need to look at the data sheets to figure out a 4 strip.


I wish I could find these qb boards ready to go single plant use for around 200.00 ready to plug in and use.