DoobieNoobie's DIY light and RDWC grow


Yeah sorry buddy it’s a busy morning then heading to the doctor soon. What’s up?


I got a return email from them about the lights and gave all my contact info. What are your thoughts and what all else have you heard from them? Throw it in my email if you don’t want to chat here probably best.


I’ll email standby


I emailed ya.


Hey bro I know your still actively searching for cheap strips and for basic basic basic like plug lights in and they work I have wire and connectors and such what working parts do I need I’ll get the sinks and adhesives and hardware just need to k ow driver strips and such that I need to get it to work dont need dimmer or any of that fancy stuff I just want the light on if you can aim me at cheapest strips and drivers and what ever to turn on


I’ll check what the cheapest is currently in a couple hours. I’m at my doctor appt then have to go run a few errands.


It’s just super strong any time I touch them. But only the skunks. It smells really good. But the smell of all 4 combined is potent lol.


So, after this appt, you can spark it up?! New dr a-ok with the ganj? I’m excited for you!


Yep. I plan to have a serious case of the munchies by dinner time lol


Lol I’m so excited I got to the the doctors office over an hour early in hopes I can get seen sooner. :joy::rofl::joy:


When you’re done & can hit it (the bong, I mean), you should come back here for a virtual smoke out.


I absolutely will!


Count me in on that.


I’ll be there if I’m home in time. Good luck Doobie!


I won’t wait for you, b/c it’s time for me to wakey wakey bakey bakey, but I’m always down to smoke.


I love to wake n bake. Favorite time of day


I try to extend it to all day. My day is just one long wake n bake, topped off by 4 hours of sleep.


That’s how my weekend are


My weekends are spent looking longingly toward where the weed is, knowing I can’t do anything about it til after my wife goes to sleep. Mary Jane is the name always on my lips.


And it is the sweet taste on my tongue :yum: