DoobieNoobie's DIY light and RDWC grow


Have :scissors:, will shave :joy::joy: hows it goin old school?


Good brother , but sore from yesterday. Ain’t doin’ shit but a light watering today. All that trimming and doin’ clones took it out of me yesterday… How’s yourself this mornin’?


On the clock my guy. Ready to get off n play with my girls already. Good thing 9 of their 12 hours im at work or they would probably be dead.

But congrats on the harvest man.


No harvest bro. Trimmed up my 19 Skunks to redirect all the energy into the top of plants and took a bunch of clones. OSG's Super Skunk from ILGM

Was a long sore day.


Ooooooo :man_facepalming:t5: I was sho thinkin like damn that escalated quickly. Figured maybe u had another older plant somewhere. Too many journals


Lol. Don’t I know it? I have to play catch up on everyone’s today.


I jumpd down to the pic i liked n lost my place :joy::joy::joy::joy::joy::joy: but its a never ending battle. Add in the other side and i do more reading now then in high school


I went to the doctor over the weekend. I had a sinus infection. I guess the antibiotics finally got it knocked out because I slept last night longer than I have in a while. Granted I’m sore from laying down but it sure was nice.


Good tp hear man. A solid night of sleep n the world isnt so full of :poop:


Right it was overdue!


Glad to hear you got some sleep Bro. That makes 2 of us. I slept to after my day yesterday cleaning up the plants and doing clones.


You got mail sir


You’ve got some nice lookin trees there doob :muscle:


Thanks! They’re getting there. One of these days I’ll do photos and try to scrog like yours.


It’s a cinch you’ll do great


Was a good day today. My Christmas present from my wife (she made me order it) arrived today. But the wife says I have to wait until Christmas to open it.


@blackthumbbetty did your bloody skunks smell like fresh ginger root? Everytime I touch them my hands wreak of it. Good thing I like the smell of it lol.

I think the big girl is finally done growing. She’s at 42.5 inches tall.


I am dumbfounded by her size & beauty!

I usually have too many strains going to pinpoint individual strain smells. I know she lives up to her name once cured. :grinning:


Awe… Wifey gonna make you sit like a kid in a candy store. Nice present Doobie.


Hey Dobbie, calling @DoobieNoobie you around Bro? Need to hollar’ at ya’.