DoobieNoobie's DIY light and RDWC grow


@dbrn32 quick question. I got a LPC-60-1050 meanwell driver for my seedling light. It only has a AC pos neg but no ground. Can I just add a screw into my frame with the ground wire wrapped around it?


Yup. The lpc drivers are double insulated, like power hand tools. So there is no ground reference.


Dude is the magic electricity fairy :joy::joy::joy::joy:


Awesome thanks for the quick answer. I went and grabbed some more u channel slapped it together in record time lol. Like 20 minutes. Gotta mount the strips and wire it and it’ll be done. Well if I can find more zip ties around the garage lol.


@DoobieNoobie I sure hope our weatherman are wrong hope this Storm moves South if we get the 1/2 to 1 inch of ice we can be losing power Friday night Saturday.
I haven’t fired up my generator this year I’ll probably have to work on it all day tomorrow


I knew it was supposed to but I hadn’t seen how much. As long as it’s snow we’re fine. Ice bad lol.

Finished the new seedling/ extra light. I’m gonna add it to the front bloody skunk to give a little extra.

That’s the brightest 50 watts I’ve ever seen!


Nice they need to grow bigger lol


I had to raise the light a bunch in the back so it’s angled away from the front. This should help balance that back out and get the front lower area more light.


Looks good! I had one nearly identical with 5 strips.


I had planned to mount this in a cabinet to make a germination box but I think I’ll leave it where I can move it around. It’ll make a good light to add to any spot that needs extra while not in use for new plants.


Yup. They’re pretty handy.


Lol I see a few extra of these in the future. Maybe use the 280mm to make them even more mobile. :grin:


They’re plenty good, run them at like 350-500ma.


Going to wait for code.


Good deal. Watch your spam folder too.


Well folks its officially the end of week 7. Looks like the RP are showing a tiny bit of calcium deficiency so I increased the calmag. Added 5 more gallons of water. These girls are thirsty. I can’t wait to see the roots on these especially the big girl. I will probably need to up the rest of the nutes as well soon. Added the new light to the front bloody skunk.

This is the stem on the big skunk.

And yes that’s a full size bic.


Nice looking plant doob! Can’t wait to see how she finishes up.


Same. That RP maybe tiny. But she’s uber sexy with that color.

Nice light btw


I been spraying the RP every day with cal/mag they have really greened up


How ya’ doing Doobie? Recovering from yesterday’s trimming escapade. Medicated and actually slept til 5:00am this mornin’. Plants are lookin’ great Brother. Nice job on the new light build. Samsung or EB?