DoobieNoobie's DIY light and RDWC grow


Did u wanna go with the 16x24 build he postd? If so yea one driver will do

BEXB-L0280Z-35E1000-C-B3 i believe


Oh yeah, lots of different options. You want to copy build I was posting about above?


Yes, I think that will work well for what I want to do.


@DoobieNoobie so got the mix auto pack from ILGM dropped 2 Blueberry/2NL/ 2 AH so 1 NL and 2 Blueberrys never germd after 24 hrs h20/h202 and to paper towels been since befor i left to go to the beach no tails so i e-mailed ILGM support last night and at 7am they e-mailed back do i want to replace the 3 bad luck seeds now or wait till i order next time and then they will add 5 free seeds . i sent back to them i am soakn three more and if they are good then just sent the 3 replacements

you gota love there support ILGM:ok_hand::ok_hand::ok_hand::ok_hand::ok_hand:.


Ok from arrow electronics you want 10 BXEB-L0560Z-35E2000-C-B3 and 1 hlg-120h-c700a

Wait to see if they send you discount code though. I’ll get together some links from amazon for the other stuff.


It’s official, I’ll be doing a grow in January. Told my wife, about what do I do. When I run out of this grow. Straight away, she said well grow again lol. A stoned husband. Is a happy husband to have lol.


My nutrients set I bought. Came with the liquid bottles in a zip lock bag, but one busted open. I emailed and said I understood this happens. They made a 10% voucher code for me to use next time. I was happy enough. Will use on a mix pack one day!


Awwww. I was soooo close. Whats the diff n 270 n 560? Lengths right?


Haha! For the win! Dont u love excellent customer service


Biggest difference, $0.81. Lol


Lmao! More of a noticable difference when ur buying 50 or so :joy::joy::joy:


Yup, those are 280mm length. They would work too, but would need twice as many and different drive current would be better for those.


Ahhh. Think i pickd ur photo in my journal then :joy:


Gotta go downtown and pick the wife up from work. I have all that wrote down in my grow book @dbrn32, will see about ordering it, when I get back.


Did you get anything from arrow? If you don’t I’d wait a day or two. They usually send 10-15% off coupon code. They also ship for free overnight.


That’s the thing that makes ILGM great. They stand behind what they sell. I wanted that mix pack but it’ll have to wait.


I agree on waiting for the code. The free overnight shipping is great. But you can order the double sided tape and anything else you need then once it’s on the way you can order from arrow. I probably have enough tape left to do yours but gas prices it would be cheaper to buy some lol.


Ok here’s the other stuff you’ll be looking for.

The power cord you can substitute with about anything. I’ve cut ends off outdoor extension cords many times. But if you don’t have anything, the one I linked is fine too.


Yup. I popped a light off an extention. Go for a 3 prong


Definitely 3 prong with hlg driver.