DoobieNoobie's DIY light and RDWC grow


I’m getting ready to run to grainger. I need a small piece of U channel then I can build my seedling light. Which I’m going to hang over my front plant to get it a little more coverage. :grin:


That has me all over it.


I’m telling ya you could do it easy. Although he makes the wiring look way prettier than me :joy::rofl:


Ain’t about what it looks like lol, plants underneath it look sexy af!


I’m the guy that says that paint doesn’t make it go any faster, but those tires do, lol.


And 100 more HP!


The fit and finish is usually just a matter of how much experience you have and amount of time spent. They all work the same.


It’s definitely something that gets easier as you go. The first light took almost half the time I spent building all 3. And the second two looked much better on frames. But neither metal work or wiring are something I’ve ever worked in professionally. So I think anyone with the tools could pull it off with a little outside advice and patience.


What do I need, and where do I source the parts? I can certainly build it.


ARROW is where I buy my strips/ ballast. and I call around to local metal fab shops looking for remnant aluminum plate. the rest of the connectors etc you can get at the hardware store


Down the rabbit hole!!! If ud like i can go find my shopping list. Now strips and driver would be diff. But everything else about the same


I have all the necessary hardware here, aluminum wise, electrical parts are what I will need.


Go over to arrow electronics and sign up for their mailing list. They usually send a discount code for your first order.


dont forget 20mm double sided thermal tape from Amazon for the strips


I did find where to sign up yet. I will keep looking.


Go here and create an account.


Its a bit confusing. I signd up twice. One is a newsletter. The other is more membership/discount for the site. N u gotta be patient for that doggone email.


yup all the H.P. in the world aint no good if ya tires just go up in smoke

i like watchin old vids of rail jobs go a quarter mile and never stop burnin rubber
today its a instant loss most times anyway.


I had a homie with an 80’s Pontiac Bonneville… the old huge steel ones. Dude used to make the front tires lift off the ground with all those ponies. Didnt help with his times but lookd cool af!


Didn’t know there were so many different kinds of strips. Which ones do I need, and only one driver?