DoobieNoobie's DIY light and RDWC grow


What about this one?


An hlg135v2 in your sized space would probably work very well. If you can do the 3000k, that might be better for seed to harvest, but the 4K would probably work, too.

Look at me, acting like I know anything about these lights. Lolololololol! @dbrn32


Hahaha. I feel the same way when i get to talking people into taking a look… like i know the basic questions to ask. N how to recommend a few diff things. But immediately tag the man after n laugh at myself for trying (no matter how futile)


That sounds good to me. I like the 135 better in that size as well. The 100 would maybe do veg. but it’s on the small side.


Oh and I’m the lonely HID guy haha


Nothing wrong with that. They’ve been growing great weed with HID for a long time.


I have 3 Hydrofarms 315CMH, only store bought light I have used. Using them all in my flower room, using t5 for seedling and veg, Looking to upgrade.


Ah yeah. They’re more efficient than T5 bulbs. Definitely a solid choice and should last a long time. Those CMH are really nice for flowering by their color output.


She gave me a $200 limit, :cry:, lol.


Lol buy one now… and sneak another one later :rofl::joy:


I was looking for something around 3500K, but haven’t seen anything, thought that one would lean more to the veg side.


Would like one that was dimmable.


You could build one in 3500. Like mine. Plus it’s easier to make it fit your space exactly.


No, I’m happy with using it. Not not too concerned with the electric use. Being able to use that lux meter to get my lights where I want them. It really laid off on my grow I believe. Always giving them optimum light distance. Whether it was 10" or 14" for that time. I enjoyed it myself.


That’s what counts. If they fit your space and they work then no reason to swap.


I do like your light


On a 400 watt HID, I grew 2.66 ounces per plant avg. Not to shabby! One plant was 3 ounces though, I know that for sure!


I’m using hps/MH too bro.:call_me_hand:t2:


Best I have achieved, 237 grams Chocoloupe, scrogged


The hlg-100 would be fine for veg, but if you want to flower you’d be better off with the 135 kit. For $200 pretty sure it will fit if you assemble yourself.

For about $150 or so you could diy something like this

That’s 150 watt light on 24”x16”x.125 sheet of aluminum using bridgelux eb gen2 and meanwell hlg-120h-c700a driver. Would give you more even coverage than any of the smaller hlg lights. Anything in there will work for your space.