DoobieNoobie's DIY light and RDWC grow


Well today is the last day of week 7. The girls are all doing well. The Rp look terrible but that’s been the normal for them. They’re still growing. Big bloody skunk is 42" in height. The small defoliation the other day made the ladies happy. Several branch tops that didn’t have much light grew a few inches and look much better. Added 6.5 gallons of water. Adjusted PH and a small bump in silica addition.

The big girl is up against the wall on 2 sides. If I had room to spread her branches out she’d take up over half my room by herself.


Is the other additives they sell powder or liquid?


Sweet candy is powder


What do u grow with now?


I smoke all by myself & go through 2+ oz a month. When weed is your only friend, you go through a lot of it.


She’s just beautiful. So many branches! I’m going to call it already & say you’ll get 3.25 oz from her.


An oz a week is what the doctor ordered.


Suck that glass peen. :joy::rofl::joy::rofl:


Likes back in 2 mins. That big ass BS has earnd my patience this AM


I’m using some GH flora series I really thought it would be gone by now.


I guess I’m glad I plan to use the blue one instead of the red one lol.


That would be good for me. :grin:


Hows the morning my Doob


Slow moving. Stupid nerves are misfiring again. Makes it feel like I broke my foot. Can’t touch it. Can’t put socks on. Can’t walk. Well not without a lot of pain. I’m ready for Friday to get here. Smoking a bowl might not make it better but it’ll make me forget about it for a few minutes.


Haha. Well here’s to a legendary smoke session Friday :beers:


Damn skippy! It’s a late afternoon appointment so by dinner time I’ll be on round one. With a few more rounds after that lol.


@DoobieNoobie, at pool league the other night, my buddy(my electrician), I was talkin about led lighting, and stuff with him. So anyway, last night the wife asked me what a quantum board was, lol. Think I know what I am going to get for Christmas. Lol.


Haha you’d love them. So much light from such small diodes. it’s really impressive.


I am looking for a good veg to early flower light that I can move easily. I think that would make a great light for this purpose.
I have a 30 X 32 grow box I built a couple grows back, have a scrog net for it, I can use it with the light for the grow off, perfect for one plant, was tight for height with the CMH, but with the QB, gives me another foot. It is a nice box, has 4"carbon filter exhaust, pulls enough neg pressure, no intake fans necessary. Nice and discreet.


Yeah depending on which you get they can be extremely easy to move. And they can go from seed to harvest under them if you don’t want to move plants.