DoobieNoobie's DIY light and RDWC grow


Definitely, but now, I’d need to decide when. Not this month, I would try germination maybe beginning January. Maybe end of April harvest? Oh shit, I got the itch again. I’d still be taking the tent down right now. Need to clean out the space, and find a better way to hide the tent. All those boxes got real annoying.


I would say that’s a good time. It puts you about half way through what you have now. And if you’re able to keep it at a ounce a month you’ll be good. If you use over you’ll be safe to.


Yeah, I’ll have a conversation with the wife lol. Maybe later, or shut up, and let on I’m gonna run out. If I don’t start a grow in a month lol. Straight honesty or half truths haha. I love her though, so would feel bad, bit this is essential haha.


If I ScrOG 2 girls in 5 gallon smart pots, but do it correctly with a 600 watt ballast. I could probably yield a pound. Any thoughts? In a 3x4 tent.


8oz each pot with a 600W is going to be a uphill battle. I would say yes definitely with good growing practices and a 1000W fixture.


1,000 way to hot for me to control in that tent. I don’t know. Could be a fun try though. With 600 watt light
Update: I would have to yield like .75g per watt of light. This grow just yielded .56 or.58 per watt. I don’t think it’s impossible, but would be a damn shocking second grow to do.?


wait wait are we talking 600W LED or HID?


HID mate. Metal Halide and HPS


cool keep us posted in your progress


Definitely, I’m going to get past Christmas, and look at getting the few things to get going again.


a high yielding strain would be good to try as well to reach your goal


I still have 14 WW seeds, so it’ll be those. They’re not to bad. I think I read 16oz per ²m. My tent is 1.2²m so maybe lol. Man, I want to try that now, so I can see how close I could get.


That pipe looks like an uncircumcised dkck haha


Damn you now I’m gonna be thinking that when I use it lol


You’d definitely have to give them a good veg period to get to that point. But with photos it’s doable. But even just another solid run like last one would put you pretty close to being covered.


Yeah, and if all four germinated, I would be looking at hopefully another 2.5oz or more. Sounds stupid, but moving three around the tent was more awkward lol. Damn odd numbers. Don’t think I could afford the ILGM nutrients again, so would have to look I to a new one. These nutrients through ILGM are water soluble, so I’m fine dealing with that. I’ve read noobs should stay away from water soluble, but I thought it was easy enough. Also, I might be able to join that grow off for some fun.


Look at mega crop from it’s cheap. That’ll help keep your costs down.


Thanks, I’ll bookmark that now.


I’m hoping my first megacrop grow goes well. I started with .44grams/gallon. The seedling took it fine. She’s a little stunted after the transplant


Just put 1gram/gal sweet candy in CPA and bba
Bbabwas dry so I put a cup on her and I tilted my light and lowered it a few inches hoping to heat off the edges before she ripens like a roasted marshmallow

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